Friday, 28 January 2011

Roses Are Multicoloured

I find inspiration one of those things that catches you by surprise, excites you and makes you want to do things, or sometimes, it can just make you want to take pretty photos for your blog, of pretty things that you own and love. Today it was the latter. 
My inspiration?
 Vanessa of Coco Rose Textiles, and the owner of this gorgeous gorgeous photo...swooon!
My personal rose ring collection consists of just these three, all pink, all lovely, all different...

Needs extending I think!
Now earrings on the other hand are things I wear everyday, and as I have two earring holes I often wear two different sets. I am also strange in that I like to change them every day and I also rather like matching them to my outfit!

This is my rose earring collection....

This was todays choice:

These are my pretty but cheap rose necklaces, the large peach one was a much loved birthday present, and is worn often, the others are from all different places, I wear a lot of necklaces, and really love to wear pretty ones, I don't wear real gold or silver, or buy expensive jewellery, so I enjoy adding to my little collection and mixing and matching them.

I have shown these before, but hey, they are pretty so why not show them again! Just a few pounds each and I do always get compliments on them.

This is my newest necklace find, it looks vintage doesn't it?
I managed to convince the BF that it was, and that I had bought it from the local Antiques stall, and that I had spent £20 on it, I am no good at lying for long, so I quickly gave in and told him where it was truly from and how much it actually cost....


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Baking Goodies

Sometimes its necessary to purchase cupcake or fairy cake cases, and when they are needed it makes sense to only buy the prettiest and most colourful ones you can find.
This seems to be the case!

They are rather cheerful aren't they? Perfect for birthday fairy cakes and perhaps some fruity muffins (blueberry cupcakes are on the list of things to do, you know)

While stocking up on cases I also stocked up on some naughty goodies (purely for baking reasons you understand) these chunks will be great for making cookies with. Now I just have to decide, milk, dark or fudge? Which would you go for?

My new favourite purchase, cinnamon sugar :: smells so gorgeous and goes wonderfully in porridge or with some yummy stewed apple (my new healthy pudding of choice) although it was rather lovely with stewed plums too. 

So ok, I haven't made any cakes lately (on a bit of a healthy eating kick) but I am enjoying planning what to make with these ingredients once I start baking cakes again.

While the cakes are on hold, I took my first tiny baby steps into the world of bread making.
Soda bread to be exact, inspired by this post from the wonderful Tabiboo and using this recipe.

It was actually surprisingly easy to make, but really wasn't perfect taste-wise, I think it needed more sugar, but I am so pleased I have actually made bread! Although this is cheats bread as it doesn't include yeast and doesn't need kneading, just chuck it all in and form it into a lump!

Served with jam and my newly homemade lemon curd....(soooo much easier than jam making!) and equally pleasing to eat!

What have you been making/baking and buying this week?

Monday, 24 January 2011

Slow Progress

I thought I would do a little bit of a progress report on my hexagon quilt in the making. I put this down quite a while before Christmas as I had lots going on and things to keep me busy, and as this is a quilt for myself there is really no time limit on how long it could take! I have seriously underestimated just how long it takes to make, stitch and piece them together.

So progress wise I have about 100 hexagons stitched and about another 20 ready made up, but as I am making the hexagons as I go along I am reusing the paper pieces, so that does slow me down. Also, I need to find more fabrics to add, to stop it getting too repetitive.
I thought I'd share some of my favourite hexagons so far though...

The two above were made from fabric very kindly gifted to me by Mary Poppins. I believe the one on the left is an old Cath Kidston pattern, which brings a much needed hit of green to the pink and blue hexagon fest!!

I have used some of my very precious blue Cath paisley, and much loved pink polka dot Darla. There are an awful lot of flowers going on, and I suppose I should have organised my fabrics better to show them off, but I think it will look ok once its completed (in ten or so years time!)

So there we have my progress in patchwork, I'd like to keep the momentum going with this one and get it completed this year. I have decided I will not be adding any of my new fabrics, but am going to use up fabrics in my stash to complete this one, anything pink, blue or green is in! 
Providing its pretty, of course!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Been Buyin'

Well, not been buying too much, just a little handmade crochet brooch to brighten up my winter coat.
I was just browsing eBay (as you do) and came across this brooch (and others) which are all handmade and so pretty! So its just a little something to stop those January blues...swap them for a gorgeous blue brooch instead :) guaranteed to work!

I am a massive fan of Tanya Whelan's gorgeous fabric designs, and the pieces that I have in my stash have been loved and much used in my two (unfinished!) quilts and my hexagon cushion. So when I saw the new range I knew I wanted to add some to my fabric collection and I am so chuffed with them!

The thrill of opening up a bundle of gorgeous fabrics....

They are rather lovely, and quite heavily inspired by Miss Kidston I'd say, but at a fraction of the price!

I chose two paisleys, one polka dot, one rose and polka dot and two which are like a large provence rose print on a spotty background. See what I mean by inspired?

The paisley is my favourite, there is just something so dreamy about the print, like you just want to fall asleep on a faded paisley eiderdown (not that I have one, but Oh how I'd love one!)

Pretty, no?

Now, my heart says quilt, but my mind says:
"You've already got TWO blue and pink quilts on the go!!!"
Any ideas?

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Pretty Accessorising

Today was so dull and grey and rainy and miserable that I wanted to surround myself with pretty, girly and feminine things (these are of course my favourite kinds of things) so I put on my very favouritist (its a word I'm sure) cardigan of the moment. This little lace fronted one is so twee, I know, but I love things like this. I would always chose a cardigan over a jumper, so much more ladylike don't you think?

I added this sweet striped and lacey corsage which seemed to perfectly match my cardigan. Its quite pretty and I do love a brooch.

I felt like I should be off having afternoon tea, not working!

I added a couple of rosey necklaces which I bought when I returned an Xmas present that didn't fit, so they were free, and they are just lovely. I have often admired Vanessa of Coco Rose Textile's beautiful rose ring collection (I have a couple myself) and seem to have begun my own collection of rosey necklaces (my last count was 6 different style ones)

I have never been one for an expensive piece of jewellery, I change my mind and style too much to stick to wearing one thing. Give me cheap and cheerful (and pretty) and I am happy!

So.. what I want to know is...

What accessories did you wear today?

Friday, 7 January 2011

My Christmas Presents

I received some really lovely presents this year, and its always so nice when people 'get' you and your style and things you like. I didn't ask for anything crafty this year as I have more than enough, but the BF bought me this cute button tin and my lovely Aunt got me the Cath Kidston pin tin which are both just so sweet and always handy! I might just need to buy a few more buttons to fill the tin now though, but thats a very dangerous thought!

From my brother I got some Boss perfume which smells very nice, and the BF got me a new bottle of Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely, which is what I wear all the time and adore :)

This jumper is really pretty and very me, and was from the BFs mum, along with a set of pretty padded hangers which I will use to hang up my special dresses.

Some cosy socks from the BF (I always have cold feet, all year round) these are all thermal so should keep me nice and toasty hopefully! The umbrella ones are boot socks and I think they are my favourite.

In my stocking were these pretty hairslides from my mum...

A sweet rosey pyjama set from the BF (he knows if its got flowers on it, I'm gonna like it!)

This lovely bird and rose necklace was from the BF, I picked it up in Primark (as you do) and was admiring it and he went back and got it for me!

Oh and the much desired Great British Book of Baking which is just the most loveliest book ever, and a retro recipe folder for me to get organised with, as I have so many magazine cuttings and print outs of recipes which I shall now be able to keep in a nice orderly fashion (there is my resolution for ya!)

I had some money to spend too, and took a trip to Covent Garden where I bought this yummy Emma Bridgewater Union Jack tin from the brilliant Hope and Greenwood store there.

I bought some yummy hot chocolate sets from Whittard of Chelsea, one dark chocolate, one milk and one milk with mint mmmm! I seriously cannot wait to test these out!

Oh and a jar of Strawberry and Cream sweeties from Hope and Greeenwood for the Boyf! Well he did deserve it after all!

P.S Do you spot that teal coffee pot up there on the shelf? A vintage bargain £2 in Oxfam. 
The BF wanted it, no seriously he did!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Pre Christmas Purchases - OOops!

I want to post about some of the lovely presents I received for Christmas, but I thought you might like to see some of the things I bought before the big day.
These buys below were all bought on the same day from three different charity shops, on one of the snowiest days we had. The gorgeous blue coffee pot has been added to my growing collection of Utility China, luckily for me my mum also really likes the style, so I'm not taking over the place!
The Cornishware jug was sitting looking lonely on the shelf, so I had to take it home...
Oh and the plates, 25p each! Well I had to get all 6 didn't I?! They are just lovely!

So heres how my blue collection is doing.... Could do with some teacups or maybe a nice set of bowls!

Sitting on my bed is this lovely little handmade bunny which I got at the Emporium Christmas Fair, I actually didn't buy him, I did a swap with a very lovely lady for a few of my christmas decorations and I chose him!
P.S notice the hot water bottle? An essential piece of equipment for me!

He is completely handmade and is just lovely! I urged the lady to start blogging and selling her goodies online so hopefully I'll be able to post a link to her soon!

Back to the kitchen (which by the way is my favourite room to buy things for - can't resist kitchenalia!)
I spotted these fab mixing bowls in Wilkinsons for £5 for the set! I thought it would be rude not to, plus they got so much use making my chocolates and things that they were worth it!
They also had them in pale green and blue if anyones interested,  but I got the pink! 

Three for a fiver is a bargain right?
Tell me I'm right!

This is my other fave mixing bowl to use, its fab for pancakes mixes and cakes. I found this in TKMaxx last year but don't think I showed it.

Lastly, a little something for my room, well a sugar bowl thats being used to hold my pretty smellies.

I was lucky enough to get the Cath smellies for Christmas from my lovely Auntie and had to have somewhere nice to put them!

I'll try and get around to posting my presents tomorrow, I must say I have so enjoyed reading about everyone's Christmas and presents and what you've all been up to!