Friday, 29 April 2011

Fridays Tops V - The Royal Wedding!

Hello everyone, and Happy Royal Wedding Day to you!
Todays Fridays Top is inspired by todays events, and is very patriotic!
Starting with this red polka dot long top/dress which I wear with navy or denim style leggings and a little navy vest underneath.

Teamed with a little navy and white stripey cardigan (I like to mix and match my prints!) and a pale white chunky beady necklace...

I am one for co-ordination and matchy-ness! I like to match, I hear there is such a thing as too much co-ordination - I am probably nearing that!

And to top off the red, white and blue outfit is my Union Jack tote bag from Accessorize, a Christmas pressie from a couple of years ago - I think.

Enjoy the day everyone :)


Saturday, 23 April 2011

Why Do Women Love Jugs?

Hi guys, I'd like to start by asking you all a question:

Do you like jugs? (the china kind! of course!)
Are you more drawn towards jugs than any other piece of china?
Is it just me?!?!

I love china jugs, I love that they come in different shapes, sizes, colours, patterns..
That they are useful as well as beautiful... displaying flowers, pouring milk...erm...putting on shelves!

So I'd like to know if its just me, or are you a fan of the humble jug?
Something I'm also a fan of are these new finds ::

Woods Ware Jasmine tureen 

Meakin Celeste toast rack - yes, I found a toast rack! One of those "do I need this? will I use it? should I buy it?" things that ended up coming home with me :)
Other than toast, has anyone got any bright ideas for what else I can use it for?
Much appreciated.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Fridays Tops IV

A short and sweet Fridays Tops this week, although actually its Fridays Frock today, as its been such lovely weather I decided to pop on a dress and go bare legged for the first time this year (eeeek!)

I chose this deep blue floaty dress from Primark that up until now I have been wearing with tights and a black long sleeved top underneath! 

Keeping it simple I wore it with my tan sandals and matching bag...and I didn't wear any other accessories today, it was far too hot!

What did you wear today?

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Fabulous Fleetville Vintage Emporium

Last week my I took my mum for a day out in St Albans as an extended Mother's Day treat, we had a browse around town and lunch in the park, and once we had finished in the town we headed for Fleetville Vintage Emporium, which is just outside the town centre.
I'd seen an advert for it in a freebie Antique and Collectors mag, and thought it sounded great, so off we went. It was easy to find, easy to park and just an absolute treasure trove of vintage, antique, and retro goodies. Having found nothing in the town to spend our pennies on, I certainly could have spent much more than I did at the Vintage Emporium!

Here are my (nicely co-ordinated) treasures 

A pastel blue enamel coffee pot in immaculate condition
A pretty pastel pink milk jug - no makers mark, but again, perfect condition
And a Johnsons Bros pastel blue bowl - with just a tiny tiny chip on the back

So if you are ever in the area and are a fan of a good rummage and a shed load of vintage stuff do check it out, there is also a lovely little cafe that we are planning on going to next time, we arrived a bit late, so the cafe was closing up!
I also bought a little vintage bevelled mirror for £6, it is chipped, but its still pretty and I will take a decent photo once its been hung up.

And as Easter is approaching its time to bring in the mini Mini Eggs, not just Mini, but Mini Mini, the teeny tiny ones, in gorgeous pastel colours, looking pretty and spring like in my Rosa Meakin bowl.

Lastly, this trio of cups and saucers was purchased by my mum for the princely sum of £2.50. Its the Woods Ware range in Beryl and is a great addition to the groaning but gorgeous Utility China Collection

Perfect for an afternoon cuppa...

And I just love the little art deco handles...

Hope You've Found Some Treasure This Week

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Finds I've Found

These are a few things that I have found in the last couple of weeks and couldn't resist!

Little Pyrex Dishes :: Great for serving up little portions of veggies, pasta or sweeties

I just loved the rose detail on the top one, and the bottom one was only 50p!
A Practical Find

Cath Kidston Smellies :: Grabbed on the way to the til in the charity shop :) 
A Fab Find

Union Jack Cupcake Cases, Mini Flags and Paper Chains :: For the upcoming Royal Wedding
These were purchased for Emporium, not for me!

Vintage Style Glass Jar :: Again, charity shop, but I think it was a brand new item donated as it still had the original label on it!
A New Find

A teeny Johnsons Bros blue jug :: to match the bigger pink one!
Because having mini things is seriously cute

A Matching Find

Vintage Blue Jug and Enamel Dish :: From The North London Vintage Market

A Find For Storing Another Find

See My Logic?

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Birthday Gifts For The Birthday Boy

As well as being Mother's Day last weekend it was also the BFs birthday, so I managed to find some suitable boy gifts that were not too boring, but not too girly.
I found this fab metal sign in TKMaxx, which will goes really well with some of the other signs he has.
I also found this Emma Bridgewater gift bag in TKMaxx, which is part of the Britania range, so I thought they'd go well together!

While doing the rounds of the charity shops I spotted this vintage bevelled mirror hanging in one of the windows, and priced at a tiny £7! Well I snapped it up as they are selling in the antique stalls in Angel for upwards of £25!

I didn't manage to get a great photo of it, so I'll take a better one once its hanging up, but I loved the original details on the back...

So, along with a couple of books and DVDs (well you have to indulge them, don't you?) and a matching card, (which was a total co-incidence by the way, but a good one!!) his little bundle of pressies was wrapped in pretty (yet boyish enough!) polka dot paper.

Happy Birthday Birthday Boy 

Monday, 4 April 2011

Mothers Day

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday, and all you mums got well and truly spoilt!
My sister and I worked together to pick some pressies for my mum...we chose an Adele CD, some posh chocs, two pretty Cath Kidston mugs.

Some nicely co-ordinated cards, pretty and pink :)

And I baked a plum and orange cake, which is a favourite in my house, especially with my mum!
Some pretty pink tulips - a great buy from Tesco!

And I made a lovely cuppa in our new Woods Ware teapot, with a little blue jug of milk, and sugar from the Johnsons Bros sugar bowl!

Happy Mother's Day

Friday, 1 April 2011

Fridays Tops III

Hello and welcome to Fridays Tops Part 3
This weeks top is pretty, floaty and sadly not yet wearable in the current climate!
But a girl can plan ahead!

So the top is this peachy layered vest which is made of some sort of floaty material (you know the kind) and I've put this little short sleeved floral cardigan. This is one of my favourite cardigans for the summer as its short sleeved, but it seems to have shrunk a little in the wash, length wise, its sort of half way up my back, so although I try to stretch it out after washing, I was wondering if anyone had any lengthening tips for me? How to stretch the length of the cardi?!?! 

Its cute though, and has nice mother of pearl (well, fake ones) buttons. I think it was about £8 from Primark a few years ago - still in one piece, just a bit short!!!

I'll wear this with my peach flower ring from Realicoul on Folksy...

And a pretty little necklace too.
Lets hope for some sunshine shall we, so we can all actually start wearing short sleeves!