Friday, 24 June 2011

Bag Lady

So my birthday bag has become my favourite bag of the moment and I have been trying to compliment the bag with my daily outfits. If you've been reading my blog for a while (thank you if you have!), then you'll know that I like to co-ordinate my outfits and accessories. I think I once read that you should never wear more than three different colours in one outfit, and thats something that seems to have stuck with me somewhat!

So I went with this sheer blouse from Primark, which I have done a little post about before.
Tucked into some smart black shorts from H&M.
The shorts came with this cute little tan belt with a bow on the front.

With the weather being rubbish, the tights came out again and I popped on these black Primark pumps.

I am such a "bag lady"!

What do you think? 
Am I over co-ordinating?!

Twenty Four I's

Hi everyone 
I did Twenty Three I's last year, and now that I am twenty four I thought I would do an updated one.
You can view last years list here if you'd like.
1. I am twenty four
2. I work in a tearoom
3. I like china
4. I swim once a week
5. I am on a diet
6. I love flowers
7. I never buy DVDs
8. I love going to the supermarket
9. I need a holiday
10. I wish I was taller
11. I like make up
12. I am trying to grow my nails (again)
13. I like to take photos of nice things
14. I have a little cat
15. I wear 'Lovely' perfume every day
16. I just had a spray tan for the first time
17. I'd like to go on a picnic
18. I collect things
19. I am a bag-o-holic
20. I don't eat mushrooms. Ever
21. I like to be inspired daily
22. I love bubble baths
23. I am thinking I could become a vegetarian
24. I like cake :)

 If you'd like to do your own I's list I'd love to see it, so please let me know if you want to join in!
Happy Friday people!
x Gem

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Prettiest Pillowcase In My World

For my birthday I received some lovely gifts, but unfortunately there was one item that needed to be returned. I took it back yesterday and then had £8 to spend on something to replace the original gift.
I dragged my mum around the whole of the store, upstairs, downstairs, back upstairs...

I didn't know what I was looking for to replace it, but I wanted to find something that I wouldn't have bought myself, but that I would have liked as a gift.
Then I came to the bedding section.
The bedding section with 50% off.
Everything in the Cath Kidston range.  

Pretty, perfect pillowcases down to £7.

I chose the bouquet pattern and put it on my bed as soon as I got home.

So I am pretty pleased with my "new" gift, and am now wondering whether I should go back for the whole duvet set. What do you think?
Speaking of pretty things, I wanted to show these new china goodies my mum has added to our Utility China collection. Both are Woods Ware, the yellow cups and saucers are for tea, and are the usual size, but the green ones are much smaller, and I would imagine are for esspresso coffees.

I love the handle detailing, very art deco. These were £2 for two cups and saucers. The yellow ones were just a couple of quid more for two.

Do you think they are for an espresso?
They are pretty cute aren't they?

Saturday, 18 June 2011

What I Wore :: Black and Nude

I've been thinking a lot about my blog lately, and I've always felt that it wasn't particularly personal, it was about "stuff", and "things" but not me. I didn't open up much and I didn't feel that it really represented me all the time. Which is why I have been making some changes to the look and feel of the blog, which I am really pleased about.

The one major change is that I wanted to actually be on it, so I hope thats ok with you, my lovely followers, and that you don't mind seeing more of me. I'll just be scattered around!

Anyway, I wore my birthday horse dress yesterday and wanted to show how I wore it. Its really cute, and a very comfy dress - always important to be comfy!

I wore it with a plain black skinny belt from Primark and a pair of plain black leggings. I think this sort of shape dress suits me as I'm quite petite and I definately could be considered "stumpy" if I was wearing something ill fitting!

I wore this nude cardi that I wore to my nephews naming ceremony. It was a H&M bargain!

Cheapy Primark shoes - my feet were cold once it started raining though :( this weather is horrible at the moment! Its supposed to be the middle of June!!

Just enough time for a cuppa before work...

I went for pastel blue this time...

Please let me know what you think of the changes to my blog. Its not going to become a blog about clothes and fashion, but it is something I'm interested in, so it will be a part of it. 
The thrifting and china obsession still continues!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Turning 24 - Part 2

This is part two of my birthday post, I do have one more part to come, but as it hasn't actually happened yet I can't blog about it yet!
So my birthday evening being a Sunday was spent at home, and a lovely surprise cake had been made for me, a classic Victoria Sponge on a pretty cake stand.

We had a proper pot of tea and drank from our collection of Utility China tea cups which I just love. They are so dainty and very sweet for having a little cuppa :)

We had blue, green and pink tea cups, just need to find some yellow ones now, but a cup of tea does always taste better from a pretty cup don't you think?

These are my beautiful flowers from the ladies at work, fuschia coloured stocks and white roses. I popped them in my large blue Johnsons Bros jug and displayed them on the table with the rest of the utility china.

My slice :: a pink tea cup and a rosey plate.



Thursday, 16 June 2011

Turning 24 - Part 1

Hi everyone, thank you for the lovely birthday wishes over the weekend, I had a very lovely day, despite the miserable weather, so I wanted to share some photos from the day. 
I woke up on Sunday at the BF and was very pleasantly surprised to see these prettily wrapped presents, which matched the envelope too. 

My dad doesn't know much about my blog, certainly not my "blog name" but I smiled when I saw what he had written on the front of my card...

I really loved this card from the Boyfriend, he does have good taste in cards actually, I have lots of nice ones from over the years and store them all in a pretty box for safe keeping.

My parents wrapped these presents up for me to open when I got home which was lovely, there was also some pretty bunting and balloons too.

So below are some of the goodies I got;
Gorgeous tan and floral bag
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - love this stuff!
Soap and Glory body scub - smells lovely!
Three handy sized cook books
A really pretty dress
Some patterned fabric headbands 
and a tiny bit of Cath in the form of a camera case :)

This is the dress, its a horse print (yep more "animal" print!)
I chose it myself, and am really loving it, its very cute with the little peter pan collar and horses!

The BF bought me this bright orange dress, its a similar cut to the one above, only with 3/4 length sleeves, which is very flattering. I've never worn much orange before, but suddenly its in all the shops and I am very attracted to it! Apparently it suits my colouring..?

I was lucky enough to receive a voucher from the BFs mum for H&M, and I chose this brown and black crepe dress, again, I was drawn to the collar, I just think its cute!

This is the lovely bag my mum chose for me, its sooo pretty. Gotta have some floral in there haven't I?!
The shoes are really sweet too, as long as I can keep them clean!

The lovely ladies at Emporium got me a voucher for Space N.K (posh make up shop), and I managed to find a little something to buy with it on Saturday when I was in Covent Garden with the BF.

Even the bag is luxurious!

I went with make up over products as I am not great at using products regularly, the worse thing someone can buy me for christmas or birthdays is body lotion, it just always gets forgotten about, at least until I've already got dressed, then I just slap a bit on my arms! Any tips for reminding myself to use my products more regularly?

I got a foundation and a very naughtily named blusher!

So those were my lovely, lovely presents, which I am so pleased with, and have been utterly spoilt!
More birthday stuff to come soon x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Birthday Outfit

Hi everyone,
Today is my 24th Birthday :)
So I created a Polyvore collage of what I would LOVE to be wearing on my birthday.
Obviously this is not what I am actually wearing, but its nice to dream :)

I've called it "romantic roses", as I think it is a really pretty peach and jade coloured look, with
some cute floral accessories too! Because as you know, I can't do accessories that aren't floral!

Romantic Roses
I will do a proper birthday post as soon as I can :)
Happy Sunday everyone

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

What I Wore

Today I am wearing some new things that I bought myself in Camden. I have a cheap satchel type bag from Primark which has been getting slightly over used, and the handle is about to break any day now. So I spotted this bag on one of the stalls and thought it would be a perfect replacement as its a lot more sturdier and slightly bigger too, which is great, as I carry a lot of rubbish at all times ;)

The BF wanted to buy me something in Camden as an early birthday present; my birthday is this Sunday, and I do like to chose my gift sometimes, or at least give a little hint. So I came across this dress, and was really attracted to the colour and the print, both of which are rather unusual for me!

Its bright orange and it has cats all over it!
Look how cute this print is! Its a really flattering cut and I thought it was pretty unique, so I asked if it could be a pressie for my birthday.

I did my hair like this, in a sort of half french braid across one side of my hair, and the other side swept back into a ponytail. I recently got my hair cut and dyed, and the length is a bit difficult for me to get used to working with, so I thought I'd just wear it up, instead of faffing with straighteners and things.

Anyway, this is me, today, with a pair of tights and a cosy cardigan too, its not summer yet folks!

What are you wearing today?
Let me know in the comments below

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

In Camden

On saturday afternoon the BF and I took a little trip to Camden Town, which is such an interesting place to visit, so much to see and experience. I decided to wear my new thrifty skirt that I bought the other day, and shortened the same evening. I think it is just the right length for me now. I wore it with a black pleated blouse tucked in, with a red cardigan and my Primark satchel bag.

So we stepped off the tube and wandered down to the markets by Camden Lock and the Stables Market, which is my favourite bit to explore. Even though we've been before we always find a new area or corner that we missed before, or a new stall or shop has opened up.

There is so much vintage in Camden too, which is so much fun to browse through. Its a really great way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Donut anyone?
Take your pick!

The buildings themselves in Camden are so interesting, lots of cool things stuck on the front of the shops like this huge shoe and angel wings!

I really love exploring the indoor vintage section, which is where we found a lovely vintage mirror last time we were here, I also spotted this Singer sewing machine and spent a good five minutes drooling over it and stroking it, before sadly walking away :(

Vintage china to lust over. There is literally so much to look at, its quite overwhelming! I do love this part though, the booths and stalls are great, and nothing is too overpriced.

Found another vintage mirror to snap and managed to get my skirt in the photo too - did I mention just how much I love this skirt??

Vintage tins....droool

So that was our Saturday, full of interesting things to explore and discover! 

I really would recommend a visit if you are in London. Whatever you are interested in, I'm sure you will find something to keep you happy!