Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Weekend Delights

I am a little bit late in blogging about what I've been up to, and I do like to do this as I like the fact that I have a record of the things I do and its nice to read back on. Well, this particular weekend was a lovely one, and one that I was particularly excited about as I had booked tickets to go to the Country Living Christmas Fair in Islington.

I'd never been before, despite the fact that the BF lives literally across the road from it I had never got organised enough to buy the tickets! Anyway, I dragged him along, as he does like christmassy things!
It was really lovely, full of gorgeous (yet slightly pricey) things. I was truly inspired and now have loads of ideas for Christmas styling at home.

I especially loved this christmas cabin, styled using stock from the stall holders, including Jan Constantine. It was so sweet and cosy!

It was full of gorgeously expensive things, so I just snapped some photos for inspiration (as you do!) I didn't manage to take many photos at all though as it was rammed full of people and its quite awkward trying to take photos when the stall holder is staring at you!!

So...what did we buy? Well nothing Christmassy at all, I found a lot of it more expensive than I was expecting, especially for generic felt Christmas decorations! But we bought this enamel 'egg' bowl from a lovely stall called the Old Potting Shed. I also bought two floral teatowels from her to gift to my mum and aunt for Christmas (it was two for £5 and they were lovely!)

From another stall I bought *ahem* another glass cake stand. This actually brings my total to four. There is another one I haven't blogged about yet! And no - I don't need another one, nor was I that bothered about them til I bought one, then obviously I realised how much I needed them in my life!

We also bought a 'Mistletoe and Wine' candle in a tin, which you can just see above which smelt gorgeous on the stand. One of those scents that really fills the room yet isn't sickeningly spicy or sweet. 
Here is another close up of my cake stand. I am thinking for Christmas I am going to pile some baubles onto them and make a little display of them.

I was admiring these Jelly Moulds on the dotcomgiftshop stand and kept picking them up and putting them back down. I think I was annoying the BF with my dithering as he just grabbed them from the shelf and paid for them. I think they were about £2.50 and I cannot wait to use them, although they are not really a wintery thing are they? More of a summertime product!

Okay okay, I'll admit that I bought these glass bottles purely because of Pinterest. I don't know how many damned images of glass bottles with stripey straws I have pinned (click here to see what I'm on about) but it is bordering on an obsession. I don't have kids, there is no-one to use these tiny bottles, yet they were soo cute, and well I'll just save them for my wedding (not that I'm engaged!) or something!! Just look at that metal crate!! Sooo sweet!

The day after the Christmas fair I went to Fleetville Emporium in St. Albans (which I have blogged about lots before) and found some little vintage treasures to bring home too. 

The blue melmex jug was purchased in Norfolk earlier in the year. I found it in a little antiques/junk shop. At the weekend I found a matching one in a green colour, which I love, and they are so handy for small quantities of things, custard, cream, gravy. Perfect for two!

I also spotted this blue enamel candlestick holder. It was a bit grubby but I've given it a good clean up and popped a matching candle in it. Perfect for getting cosy at night time.

As a fan of tins and enamel I have to be careful not to just buy any old tin, firstly colour is important when you are trying to smuggle it into a male environment, secondly, it cannot be too girly, and it must not be rusted to within an inch of its life. Luckily this old coffee canister fitted the bill. Its old, its blue, but its clean and its got a manly boat on it. Perfect!

It wasn't the cheapest weekend, but I enjoyed it, and brought some new and vintage goodies into our home. Im sticking to the charity shops for my vintage treasures for a while though!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Make Yourself At Home

Make Yourself At Home
Isn't that such a lovely saying? I love cosy homely things and when I spotted this mug in John Lewis I decided to treat myself to it, I liked the sentiment behind it, and I had chipped a few older mugs the other week. I had been feeling a little down, and although I'm not one to go shopping to make myself feel better, I thought I'd pop some cheap yet pretty chocolates into my basket too.

I love love love turkish delight, I love rose flavoured anything, and these were so prettily packaged (and quite reasonable too) that I went for these. I have been having one every now and then as I don't want to eat my way through them, I want to savour them, and enjoy every bite! And rather perfectly, it turns out no one else at home likes rose flavoured things so they are mine all mine :)

Also rather enjoyable was this cake I brought home from work. Its a Lemon Drizzle with blackberries running through the middle and has a yummy lemon icing too. This is one of my favourites, not only to eat but to make too!

Cake and chocolate aside, I have eaten some salad this week, although we are no longer in 'salad season', I do like something on the side of my pasta bake! Comfort food :) We also tried some fancy pink lemonade this week which was gorgeous!

Lots and lots of cups of tea have been consumed, I love a mug of tea in the morning, but in the evening its nice to share a pot of tea in a dainty little cup.

Now I must bake something yummy and delicious to go on my new glass cake stand (its from the new Kirsty Alsopp for M&S range) and is waiting patiently for a pretty cake to top it off.

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Things I Love...

Seven things that I love about this time of year:

:: Lighting candles and getting a warm glow

:: Getting cosy indoors while its cold and rainy outside

:: Layering up thick pyjamas, socks, duvets , blankets and quilts and snuggling up

:: The colours outside : oranges, reds, yellows and browns

:: Drinking cups of tea and mugs of warming hot chocolate

:: Preparing for Christmas, yes! Its that time of year to get planning!

:: Yummy casseroles, soups and winter food...

What do you love about this time of year? I'd love to know as I'm sure I've forgotten some!

Cosy Cosy Cosy :)

Monday, 7 November 2011


I had such a lovely time this weekend, I went down to Sussex to see family, stay the weekend and enjoy some fireworks too. I decided to make a little something to take down with me but didn't fancy baking a cake late on Friday evening, so instead I went for a "throw it all together" Rocky Road. I mixed pink and white mini marshmallows, digestive biscuits, raisins and tiny little white chocolate star decorations - I thought it looked rather pretty.

I always think its nice to bring something with you when visiting others. Just a little homemade treat to show your appreciation. I love receiving something homemade or handmade, and am the sort of person who truly appreciates the time and effort that has gone into making something. I know a lot of people who just don't "get" the handmade thing, but luckily for me my cousins do "get it", and they know I love making things for them too!

I must say though, I thought it would be best if I just sampled a little piece before bringing it down with me. Just a tiny piece with a little pot of tea and a pretty mug. Went down rather nicely!

While staying in Sussex we went to watch the local fireworks display in Lindfield Village - this village is completely gorgeous, picture perfect. Just the sort of place I'd love to live one day. Ever since I was little we have visited Lindfield when I stay in Sussex. We have to have a slice of cake and tea in the little tea shop, then a walk around the village with the dogs and across the village green. 
Now, living in London I usually go to the Alexandra Palace fireworks, which is brilliant, but it is just the display. In Lindfield they have a whole parade through the village with everyone carrying a flaming torch! They had an absolutely huge Guy Fawkes which went on the massive bonfire on the Green. I am a massive lover of fireworks, I get sooo excited for Bonfire Night, and took my camera along to capture some of the prettiest fireworks...

Big ones...

Small ones...

Falling ones...

And amazing glittery ones that fell from the sky and looked beautiful. I had such a wonderful night!
The next day my cousin presented me with this little bowl that I had hand painted the last time I was in Sussex at a pottery painting place called Fun Pots. I made it in May and had completely forgotten what I had painted on it, and what colours I'd used, but I was really looking forward to seeing it and am really chuffed with it!

Its quite small (trinket size) as it was quite expensive to do, but I love that it is one of a kind and completely unique! On the outside I hand painted it with pink and blue flowers and spots and inside I stamped some hearts in the same colours using little sponges. What do you reckon?

Emma Bridgewater eat your heart out!