Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Baking Days

Inspired by my lovely Christmas gifts (the baking books) I decided to do a spot of baking the other day. 
I went for some simple oat cookies - I did half a batch with raisins and cinnamon, and the other half white chocolate chips and some cocoa thrown in! 

I use Lucy's easy peasy recipe and just adjusted it to suit my families tastes (some of us like raisins, some of us hate them!) I urge you to give them a go!

The other thing I baked was my Blueberry and Lime Drizzle cake (linky to my recipe) I used blueberries that had been in the freezer for a couple of weeks - its absolutely fine to just throw them in frozen :) 
It is such a lovely recipe, soo light and moist with a delicious flavour combination too.

I very much enjoyed sampling my baked goodies. My mum took some of the cake to work and it was very popular. It is a definite favourite of mine, but I can't make it too often or I'll eat the whole lot!

Lots of warming cups of tea have been enjoyed along side the baking. Well, you have to don't you? I bought this mug for my mum for Christmas, yet of an evening you will often see me sitting snuggled up in my beautiful new pyjamas drinking from it! Its good to share!

Mmmm tea and pyjamas!

Also, I have been polishing off the last of the mulled wine (oh I do love mulled wine, don't you?) I like to drink mine in a teacup all snuggled up under my quilt with something nice on TV. This week, we have watched the box set of Miranda, and been enjoying the Great Sport Relief Bake Off. Some of it was filmed at Emporium with Angela Griffin, so do check it out! 

And why not watch it, in your pyjamas, under a cosy quilt, with a teacup of something lovely?
Go on! :)

P.S: yes I am championing pyjamas this week!! :)


  1. Wow that cake looks gorgeous! No wonder it's a favourite. I would definitely be taking more than one of those biscuits to dunk in my tea too!

    I'm baking at the moment but unfortunately the first tray was not a success. I tweaked the rest of the batter for the second batch so fingers crossed they work. (I'm also baking in my pyjamas although they're not as cute as yours!)

  2. Can I live in your house? That baking looks lovely & mulled wine in a tea cup.... perfect! x

  3. i have been enjoying the 'sport relief' bake off- its funny, i was laughing so much at the banana bread ;0)...dont you just love their marquee? it fills me with joy looking at all the lovely kitchen wares in the background. I love your previous posting- catching up here ;0) and all your wonderful gifts. you look beautiful in your floral pjs amongst the lovely fabrics too. such glorious eye candy your home and kitchen!
    and it leaves me feeling quite hungry after all that lovely baking- yummers!!!!! x

  4. Mmmm yum, they look amazing! And I'm totally with you on the pyjamas front - as soon as it gets past about 5 o clock and I know that I probably won't need to have to answer the door or go outside again, it's straight on with the comfy clothes, mainly of the fleecy trouser variety ;) Love all your gifts from your last post too, you got - and gave - some really beautiful things! Jenny xx

  5. Hi Gemma!!
    Oh your baking looks so delicious!! And I am a pj's person myself. If I am not going out or anything, be sure I am wearing my pj's bottoms at home and very happy about it. :D

  6. Hi Gem, I meant to comment on your last post as I loved it but time ran away with me! Happy new year!

    I am going to try those cookies, they look lovely ( and peasy too! ). I absolutely love wearing PJs around the house, do you know which shop yours were from? I live them and want to copy!!

    Nicki xx

  7. *love them... Sorry, pressed wrong button! Ha! Xx

  8. Yummy cookies..I do love a good oaty chewy biscuit.

    I love snuggling under my quilt and reading.

    Gemma x

  9. Yummy food on yummy china. My favourite kind of photos! Thanks for the fix.

    Madison xxx

  10. Your photos are so brilliant that I am tempted to lick my computer screen!

  11. Lovely looking cakes Gem! Was some of it really filmed at Emporium!? When did that happen? Do you happen to know when the next Make, Sew & Craft will be!? I can't wait to get stuck in again and need to plan my diary lol! xx

  12. wow that cake looks yum!!! Love your jammies. I always wear pj bottoms when i'm at home, at all times except when we have guests :)

  13. What a sweet post and a lovely blog you I am sooo wanting to have a baking day...perfect as the snow is falling here in my little part of Canada for the first time this year.It will be a cozy one. xoxoxo

  14. Yummy looking cookies and cake, your photos are amazing, you have such lovely things.
    Tina x

  15. Hi Gem, yummy looking cake!
    Shame it's work tomorrow......I've enjoyed my PJ day!

    I've just been looking at the Boden sale.....picked out a couple of nice new things (sale) for work and play......good job I've got some work coming in to pay for em!

    Have a good week and thank you for the lovely comment!xxx

  16. The cookies and cake look delicious, my mouth is watering just looking at the pictures!! Might have dust off my baking equipment tomorrow and have a go at some baking myself :)

    The pjs are lovely too. I love my jamies :) If I know I don't have to go anywhere of an evening I'm in my pjs straight after tea :)

    (Another) Gem x

  17. Gem, I love your site! I also REALLLLY love this dress! Please tell me where it's from! xxx


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