Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Weekend In London

Two weeks ago I had such a lovely weekend, that I wanted to pop some photos on my blog to record it.
Firstly, I managed to take an outfit photo (I'm not sure if anyone actually likes seeing my outfits?!) but I liked what I was wearing, so I took a few snaps.

I was channelling 'The Railway Children' with my cream tights and new boots that I got for Christmas. They are soo comfy, and quite pretty yet hardwearing!

I had arranged to meet the BF at Camden Town, so I got to the Tube station and waited on the platform. It was freezing! When I met him we headed off to get something to eat at The Diner. Its a great American style diner and the food is sooo yummy. Also, as you know I love anything retro, so The Diner is definitely a winner with me!

I had the Blueberry Pancakes with maple syrup and a Cherry coke!
I neeeed to learn how to make pancakes that taste and look as delicious as theses.

I love blueberries, and the blueberry compote was gorgeous! The BF went for a burger with trimmings!

After our meal we had a nice walk around the stables market area. They had some gorgeous fairy lights up left from Christmas, it looked really magical, especially as it started to get darker.

I love the markets in Camden, but the stables especially, as they have a lot of vintage goodies and some gorgeous dress shops too. I was very restrained though, only browsing and didn't buy a single thing, which makes a change for me!

On the Sunday we decided - spur of the moment - to go to the National History Museum, as there was a pop up ice rink set up in front of the museum, and so we decided to give it a whirl!

As we first walked in we saw this stunning carousel, which looked so pretty lit up in the dark.

The trees all around the ice rink were draped in fairy lights and there was Christmas music playing (a little late, but still nice none the less!) it was really lovely, and very busy! 

We were really lucky with our timing, as it was the last day before the rink closed, and as we got off the ice it just began to rain! We had been outdoor skating once before, in our first year together, at Somerset House, which was also lovely, but we both agreed this rink was nicer, and that it was good to have the museum near by to visit after the skate!

It was a lovely end to a really lovely weekend, and something I think we will make an annual tradition.

I love having this new year, for new ideas, experiences and creating memories and traditions.
What are you enjoying about 2012?


  1. I love outfits! Love how you've combined your loves of crafting, baking, home stuff & fashion all together. That's what I hope to do if I ever write in my poor blog?! Love your blog, a firm fave :-) xx

  2. It looks like a perfect weekend. It is always nice to be doing lovely things in January it can be such a depressing month but it really hasn't felt like that so far :) Your outfit is so cute, you always look fab and seem to be able to pull anything off = me jealous :p x x x x x

  3. I love seeing your outfits. You dress really lovely. And I am a bit jealous that you went to my favourite place in London ever. I just ADORE Camden Town. Going to London and not visiting Camden is like this winter without snow. xx

  4. I love it when weekends are just perfect! It looked really pretty in Camden with all the fairy lights..they should keep them up all year long.

    Cute outfit!!

    Gemma x

  5. Love your outfit, and looks like you had a gorgeous weekend. I have a REAL LOVE of carousels, so loved that piccie especially!

    Bettie Crocker do 'shake to make' pancake mix in regular and American pancake style. It's so easy. You just buy it, pour in some milk into the tub, shake and then pour and cook. I buy these all the time, in fact I stocked up on them yesterday. It's so much easier than creating a mess with ingredients and they turn out perfectly every time! Yummy with maple syrup, fresh fruit or compote.

    Have a super day!

    Vanessa xxx

  6. oo what a fab time you had.. loveing all the fairy lights aswell they just make places feel all the more special dont they..

    love love your outfit.. love the jumper with the peter pan collar .. it really suits you and i want them boots!!!


  7. I've been meaning to visit The Diner for ages, that burger looks delicious!!!!!

    Victoria xxx

    PS I use this recipe http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/fluffyamericanpancak_74828 for pancakes and they are delicious!

  8. Sounds like a lovely weekend, and I love the outfit! xx

  9. I've never actually been ice-skating, although there was one aborted attempt to go at the rink at Somerset House with a couple of friends. This was years and years ago though and we'd left it far too late, they were fully booked. The man in the ticket booth was kind enough not to laugh out loud at the clueless tourists, but I could tell he wanted to. (And I can't deny that I was secretly quite relieved they were fully booked, as falling over seemed absolutely inevitable)

    But anyway, I'm glad you had a good weekend. I always think it's best to stay overnight in the city if you can, a day trip is nice but staying for a couple of days is even better. My Mum and I had talked for ages how we should have a weekend in London and the December before last, we just decided to do it. We booked ourselves into London serviced apartments and had a weeekend in Covent Garden. We didn't really do much, other than wandering and keeping the chestnut/mulled wine sellers in business but it was absolutely lovely. It's the atmosphere as much as anything else.

  10. hurry hurry hurry up and blog some more!!! xx

  11. hi , looks like you had a lovely time for you love of fashion check out blogger carrie her blog is called wish wish wish think it will be right up your street xx


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