Tuesday, 7 February 2012

For The Love Of Collars

I have a slight obsession these days...its not china, fabric, or jewellery.
Its collars. Preferably of the peter pan style.

They have been slowly creeping more and more into my wardrobe. I like wearing them on their own, but also, they look nice peeking out from underneath a jumper. I have recently added two very pretty ones to my collection. The one above is really lovely, its sheer with a feather print and a silky grey collar. It is my new favourite.

I also really really love this one, I wear it all the time! The collar, and the sleeve cuffs have a really sweet scallop edge, which looks really nice with a jumper over the top.

So I was pleased to spot the same blouse in a chocolate brown colour reduced to half price the other day so I snapped it up. I like to think they look a bit retro and vintage-y too, which is always good!

This is the dress which the BF bought me for Christmas. He picked it all by himself, and it was a lovely lovely surprise. It also happens to have a cute collar too - which I am chuffed about! He really knows my style and my taste and picked the perfect dress. I am saving this one for Valentine's day though, as its a special dress for special occasions.

Last bit of collar love is this black star print blouse which is what I wore on Christmas day, I think the ruffles are really pretty, and you can dress it up or down too.

Oh, I also dyed the bottom of my hair this week, and curled it for the first time in absolutely ages.

Opinions please?


  1. Love peter pan collars and your hair looks so pretty ;) have a lovely day,xxx

  2. I really like your outfit on the first pic and your hair looks fab!

  3. love the outfits!! i love peter pan collars too.

    Love your hair xx

  4. Do you know that I've never been too keen on Peter Pan collars, that is until today. Your tops are gorgeous particularly the white one and its brown version.

    Loving the hair too. xx

  5. What pretty outfits, I love peter pan collars as well (they're so pretty and feminine).
    Your hair looks just lovely curled..:)

  6. I bought that scalloped edged blouse in cream the same day I saw you posted about it a few months ago! Love it and get complimented on it all the time. Effortless chic I like to think! I like the fact the sleeves are a feature too and it can be worn in so many different ways and dressed up and down. What a bargain. Have you seen the bib peter pan collars which you can buy and wear over tops? A bit like a necklace. You can get sequined ones :-)
    LOVE your hair. Can you post more piccies of it please! And one where it's not so styled if poss so I can see what it's like on (my kind of average) day? I've been wondering about the dip dyed trend for a while but not sure if my hair is too dark! Did you get it done professionally or do it yourself? Ha sorry for all the questions. xx

  7. i have to say i do love a peter pan collar myself


  8. You always have such lovely clothes and I love your hair! Please tell me you found that second blouse recently! I would love to get one for myself! xx

  9. I love your new sheer blouse, and your bf has great taste. I always like the idea of peter pan collars as they look so pretty on loads of people (like you!) but unfortunately they just don't look right on me.

  10. I've always loved peter pan collars as I think they are so feminine. I would like to see the whole photo of your new hair colour. You have some lovely blouses.

  11. I really like your outfit in the top photo and your star blouse looks lovely too! Blessings Niki x

  12. I really enjoy reading your blog and love the atmosphere you've created here. I sew a lot of clothes for myself and have recently spotted a pattern with a attachable collar. You would love it. I knew my grandmother wore sweaters with detachable collars to protect them from getting dirty while working in the kitchen or outside... Have a nice day and thank you for sharing all your experiences and ideas. Greeting from Germany, Nova

  13. love the ruffley star blouse, and love the curls - i used to curl my hair all the time, but got out of the habit as it's so long, but i'm inspired, i think i'll get the tongs out for my hen party this weekend, thank you!

    Cate, x

  14. I love that first outfit photo! x


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