Friday, 17 February 2012

Kitchen Stuff

The other morning while I was making my breakfast at Albert's (thats his name, by the way, I figured I should start using it! Its only been 6 years!) I felt the urge to snap some colourful photos of "Kitchen Stuff" to brighten up the blog as it has been a little lacking in pretty pastel colours of late.
Starting with my breakfast : Maple and Pecan Crunch cereal in a pink latte bowl (from Butlers) with a mug of tea in a cupcake mug (from Tesco) mmmmm!

Canisters for Tea, Coffee and Sugar - these are so cute and colourful! (We bought them in Camden, but they are also from dotcomgiftshop)

Tin signs and jelly moulds in colourful blues and yellows. The jelly moulds are so sweet - I can't wait to use them in the summer - perfect for a picnic!

Our tin mugs - for beachy days and spur of the moment walks in the cold.

I still love this piece of art, even though it was free with a magazine. Its just simple and helps me to see the positives in the every day. I like having something to keep me in a good mood, especially lately I have been a bit down and feeling blue. So this is a good pick me up poster.

Coffee mugs - from TKMaxx years ago. The tin sign was one of the first things we bought for the kitchen, and I still love it, and the colours too.

Floral flask and ice cream sundae bowls. The mini latte bowl is for dipping sauces - you know, ketchup, mayo, sweet chilli. It was also from Butlers. I wish we'd bought more as they've stopped selling them! The ice cream bowls were a bargain buy from Lakeland about 3 years ago.

Lastly my beloved Typhoo jug, the first thing I bought for the kitchen, again from Lakeland. I fell in love after seeing it in Tree Falls kitchen and had to buy it when I saw it.
I still love it, and it houses my very exciting spatula collection!
Exciting huh!?

Hope you enjoyed the little colourful snippets of the kitchen. 
Although its a tiny kitchen we have  I have crammed a lot in it!
If you want to see more just let me know ;)


  1. i love all the kitchen bits!! so pretty xx

  2. Your kitchen is so colourful and pretty! I wish I had such style as you, you bring it all together so perfectly! I hope you're feeling a bit brighter! We should meet up sometime soon!? xxx

  3. Hi Gem,
    Your pretty pictures have cheered up my otherwise dull day!
    Got to go to a day nursery this afternoon for a work shift....not looking forward to it!


  4. Hi Gemma,

    Very pretty pastel colours. I absolutely love it all! I know exactly what you mean about wishiing you'd bought more of the dipping bowls. I'm always thinking the same when I buy things, and then they disappear!

    Do you live with your boyfriend or with your parents?

    Have a great weekend!

    Gemma x

  5. You have such a lovely collection of things in your kitchen :) I just love all the soft pastel colours. I am just oohing and aahing at all of your kitchenalia..thanks for sharing..
    Have a great weekend..

  6. Such a lovely kitchen, I would want to spend loads of time in there baking :) Great colours and the nice thing is it doesn't look too girly either x x x x

  7. All of those gorgeous colours! Love 'em all! And your boyfriend enjoys these colours? Right on! You have a lovely collection of kitchen things - and all with memories!

  8. aaw you always have the best and cutest things!
    twitter: @nyloncake

  9. I absolutely love all your kitchen stuff, you have mighty fine taste Gem. You're making me want to start collecting spatulas (although I think I'm collecting enough things!) Your tea mug is lovely too, who would have guessed it was from tesco! I also spy some Whittards hot chocolate in the last photo. I'm currently in love with the white hot chocolate although I tried a free sample of the praline hot chocolate a couple of weeks ago which was delicious.

  10. I love your things and the cute candy colours. I really like your tea and coffee tins and I have always wanted one of those flasks.I adore those sort of colours. I am also a Whittard's hot choc fan.

    1. OOOhlots of lovlies!!! Where did you get your milkshake sign I love it!!!!

  11. Lovely kitchen Gemma. I love how your bf is ok with all the pastels in his kitchen. He's a keeper.

    Madison xxx


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