Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's day, mine was lovely as I had the day off so went for a spot of vintage shopping with my mum before going to see the BF after he finished work. I brought him a little Valentine's cupcake from work, which was sooo pretty with its sparkly heart decoration. This is the card that I bought for him. I don't like gushy teddy bears and things on cards so I went for something quite simple, but I think it says alot :)

I also liked that it had a sort of retro feel to it, I thought it was perfect, and would even look good framed afterwards. Anyway, the BF had told me that we had to be somewhere at 7pm, so I thought it might be something special, so I got all dressed up in the beautiful maroon coloured dress that he bought me for Christmas. If I'm honest I had been saving it for Valentine's day as its too nice to wear for everyday.

I also did some curls in my hair as it made me feel more "dressy". The cutout detailing on the dress is just so pretty and its a very flattering fit - just snug enough so that I am not tempted to overdo it on the Valentine's chocs!

We shared the cupcake - it was delicious :)

Ok...I say shared - but I ate most of it! 

Then the nicest thing happened...
We swapped cards.......

We'd only gone and bought each other the exact same card! He actually said he had a feeling we might buy the same one, and funnily enough so did I. He also had thought it would look good framed too. 
I think it means we are a perfect match!

But inside my card were these tickets. I was soooo surprised and excited too, so we headed off down to the West End to have dinner and see Mamma Mia!

Here I am ready to go!
We had a lovely (yet slightly rushed!) dinner at The Strada, then went to see the show!
It was fab, highly recommended, and so much fun!
Hope you all had a wonderful day too!


  1. How romantic just as it should be ,you look lovely in your outfit and the cake looks delicious and sounds like you had a lovely evening xx

  2. What a smashing BF you have! Mamma Mia is the perfect V-Day date!! Lucky Lady!

  3. How funny that you got the same card! Perfect match xx

  4. Aw Gem! The two of you sound perfect together. It is a leap year you know. ;0)

    Madison xxx

  5. Awww that's cute you bought the same cards! :) And lucky you going to see Mamma Mia, I am desperate to see it on the west end stage, glad you enjoyed it! Jenny xx

  6. you looks beautiful gem! great outfits! love the scarf and coat too ;0)...perfect match! i love the cards ;0)...oh' and the cup cake! was making me droool hehehe x

  7. Ahhhhh young love!! I remember those days! lol! After being together for 25 years and working in the card industry! I just see Valentines day as a con to get more money out of you! Sorry, but its a bit like when you say the word "wedding" everything triples in price!!
    Anyway, glad you had a lovely time! We saved our money for family togetherness stuff instead.

  8. Wow, what were the chances of getting the same two must be a perfect match :)
    Dinner and a show, what an awesome Valentine's day surprise. Sounds like you both had a fun night.

  9. Ah how cute, you bought the same card, now that must be love :) x x x x

  10. I bet you can't get those Abba songs out of your head now can you?
    Glad you had a lovely Valentines. :0)

  11. Cute! You look so pretty Gem too. I love your hair and dress and the blue coat is adorable. xxx

  12. Awe sounds like you had a lovely Valentine's Day! Love the dress you look fantastic! xxx

  13. such a lovely day
    i always love to stop by your blog when i can-just started to follow you on pinterest-you have without a doubt the prettiest boards!

    hope your not feeling so blue now


  14. Just a little note to say i'm having a giveaway on my blog if anyone wants to take part!

    Gemma x


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