Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Country Living Spring Fair

As it was Mother's Day recently I decided to treat my mum to a day out to the Country Living Spring Fair at The Business Design Centre in Islington (about 2 minutes walk from Albert's front door!)
Having been to the Christmas fair last year I was very excited to see what the Spring one would be like, if there would be different sellers and hopefully lots of pretty pastel spring goodies to buy!

The Design Centre does not disappoint, it is a beautiful building with a gorgeous roof, decorated oh so prettily by the Country Living team.

Starting out on the lower level we found some beautiful shabby chic/vintage stalls selling the most gorgeous things. Mum has been inspired to paint some old wooden furniture indoors after a visit to the Caroline Zoob stall (which was one of my favourites, but too expensive to buy from!)

Although there are a lot of stalls there are quite a few which are not really to my taste, so I focused on the  pretty handmade vintage ones and snapped some photos too. I loved the stalls packed with little details, rather than the bare modern displays of some. This one below was really lovely.

The staircase was planted with real spring flowers - daffodils and pansies which looked so pretty! 
Note to self, buy more flowers!

This is looking down from the main level onto the lower level. It was very busy down there so we moved upstairs to have a mooch about.

I really loved these, cupcake bath bombs which looked so realistic that everyone was going over to have a closer look! They smelled amazing too, but for me sadly, things which are too pretty wont get used and will just collect dust on the side of the bath!

Look how cute!

I loved the styling on this stall. All vintage kitchen units and utility china. I want my kitchen to look as nice as this one day! Mum and I oohed and ahhed over the yellow Woods Ware china but decided to leave it behind as we have some cups and saucers already.

Its a lovely day out, and as you can see there are sooo many things to look at! This is taken on the upper level looking down onto the main level. Sooo many booths!

So we had a fab day, the weather was amazing and we found some lovely goodies too!

On the way back to the train station we walked through Camden Passage (which I love, and drag Albert down every weekend!) and I spotted this great display of Woods Ware china in one of the vintage fashion shops. I had to take a quick snap!

I also love walking past this place, its sooo quaint and pretty and has that lovely vintage look to it. I must pop in for a milkshake one sunny weekend.

So, what did I buy, well I bought china!
I spotted the Grindley peach teapot up high on a display and made the man take it down for me to have a look at! Its perfect condition and oh so sweet for a pot of tea for one!

I also bought (from this lovely stall: Simply Vintage Designs) two green jugs - the large one is very pale green with a lovely gilded floral pattern and the little one is actually a candle!

My mum did indeed find some Woods Ware goodies, but from the same stall as me and for a much cheaper price than we had seen earlier. She also bought a sugar bowl candle which is very pretty.

Here is my little teapot - I am in love ♥
I love collecting things for my future home and I have a very clear image of what I like and what I'll buy. I am hugely inspired by all the blogs I read, in particular though the Kitschen Pink blog and her stunning kitchen and I love trawling through Vintage Heaven and Curlew Country for amazing inspiration. Their vintage homes are so welcoming and homely!

Now shall I burn the candle in the jug or save it for a later date?
What would you do?

Lastly I wanted to show my new bag that I bought from eBay, the pink colour is perfect for Spring and big enough to lug all my crap around with me!

What do you think of my goodies?


  1. What a lovely tome you had! Your goodies are so cute and the bag is just gorgeous!!

  2. Oh love all your goodies,Gem,especially the bag!Thanks for sharing such a lovely day,loved looking at the stalls ,have a great week,lots of love,xxxjulie

  3. Sounds like a great fair! I've never seen a Grindley peach teapot before, such a lovely find. Like yourself, I love collecting pretty things for my future home and blogs are a fantastic source of inspiration. Do you ever find that you think about one room more than others? I've barely considered what my living room would look like. All I think about is the kitchen!

    Your bag is so cute. Perfect for spring and summer.

  4. Oh! I love that new purse of yours.What a delicious colour! I say burn the candle right away. Why save pretty things for "another" day? Enjoy it now.

  5. I adore your bag. I'm after a satchel and the pastel pink is really on trend for this summer :-)

  6. Gem I love your new bag! Looks like you had a very good day out. Those cupcake bath bombs look amazing. I know what you mean about dust gatherers tho!

  7. I absolutely LOVE the teapot! What a great day out...I love those sort of fairs,but have only been to a Christmas one with my sister so far.
    Hope you are enjoying the lovely Spring weather. :0)

  8. Thanks for showing us this, Gem. I can't got to the fair but would love to, so it is great to have a glimpse here.
    I love your teapot! The pink bag is a pure delight. Lovely goodies. As for your candle, I would burn it now as when I don't my candles sometimes sit around and get yucky dust on them. xx

  9. Haven't been to the Spring fair for a few years so fab to see it again in all it's Spring prettiness.
    Lovely buys but I must confess to bag envy, such a perfect bag in every way.
    Lisa x

  10. Great finds! I really love those muffins. Cool!

  11. I've not been to the CL fair, though I drool over everyone's pictures every year, it looks like a fantastic day out! So many pretty things :) Jenny x

  12. Thank you for a lovely post! I am so glad you loved the vintage treasures you got from us xxxx

  13. kunjungan sob ..
    bagi" kalimat motivasi ya sob ..
    sikap kita terhadap kehidupan ini menentukan sikap kehidupan ini terhadap kita.
    kunjungan balik yaa ..:)

  14. Hi there,

    I stumbled across your blog today and I'm definitely following. I visited the Country Living fair too..It was heaven! I also stopped by the Simply Vintage designs stall and brought pretty china :)..Wasn't it a lovely stall!

    Lexie @


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