Saturday, 10 March 2012

Norfolk Part Two

During our weekend in Norfolk we visited Sheringham Station which is a replica of the old station that used steam trains, and which has been kept looking absolutely lovely and old fashioned, as you can see.
During the summer old fashioned trains run through here which take you off to other lovely old fashioned stations!

It has the same feel I imagine it would have originally had, and uses some great old props and posters to give it that vintage feel. I loved the suitcases piled up and the tin signs too!

The detailing is wonderful and the old fashioned advertising is so interesting to read!

Although it was a quiet afternoon and no trains were running I just loved having a look around, taking in all the features and admiring the details.

The station was probably one of the highlights for me, along with the beach. Everything feels so relaxed and laid back in Norfolk, that its nice to just sit for a while and admire your scenery!

After a walk around the station we headed to Holt and to have lunch at Byfords, in Holt, which had been recommended to us by the owner of the cottage. It was such a pretty building and the food was great - service; not so great!

While in Norfolk I made a few little purchases such as these postcards, I'm still mad for the Keep Calm stuff, and I've pinned these up in my room, they put me in a good mood - especially the 'be optomistic' one!

In one of the little charity shops I found two Johnsons Bros greydawn bowls for a pound each, and a retro sugar shaker for £1.50. I didn't find anything else in the charity shops which was a bit of a disappointment as its been slim pickings in the ones back at home lately!

Albert and I are going to Paris in May for our 6 year anniversary and we have been decorating the bedroom this week and bought some prints to put up. We found ourselves really drawn to these beautiful sheets of wrapping paper, this one shows an old map of Paris. So we bought it, and plan to frame it and put it up in the bedroom along with colourful retro prints of London and New York (where we have also been together). 

This sheet of wrapping is really colourful and has some really interesting Paris typography. Just need a trip to Ikea to buy frames now and get hanging the artwork!

Lastly, we bought this print of Sheringham as I LOVE old fashioned railway posters. I bought one last time I was in Norfolk and really wanted a Sheringham one too, to add to our wall.

Our colour theme is reds and turquoise so this should fit in just right! I can't wait to get them all up on the wall now and show you! We also have our vintage bevelled mirrors to hang too, and possibly some furniture to paint - fun stuff!
Back soon!


  1. It looks like you had a fun time :) I have been to Sheringham and Holt a few times now and have enjoyed it there. There are some great shops in Holt.
    You sure found some lovely things. I like the keep calm postcards and the Paris wrapping paper.

  2. such a beautiful vintage looking station with huge amounts of nostalgic charm.
    when i visit my mums in Cornwall on the train we pass a station just like that, it has a museum in it...lots of wonderful history and charm x

  3. We've been to Sheringham station too. It is a lovely old steam railway. Unfortunately for me we went for the sole purpose of riding the trains so I didn't get much opportunity to have a good mooch around. Your lovely photos have shown me what I missed out on. We're hoping to go back to Norfolk next year so maybe then I'll be able to have a good mooch.

    Madison xxx

  4. Lovin all the things you bought! Cant wait to see them in place with the bevilled mirrors and painted furniture?!


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