Monday, 12 March 2012

A Very Exciting Meet Up!

I had such a lovely time this Sunday meeting up with three lovely bloggers in London we went for Afternoon Tea at Soho's Secret Tearoom. Funnily enough I didn't feel nervous at all leading up to the meeting time. I was just excited and looking forward to visiting the tearoom!

I'm in the pink top and I met with Gemma P from Gem's Country Life Dream, Juli from Pretty Little Jewels and Gemma D from Musings of a Gem.
All of the girls were lovely and we got on so well, we are all similar ages and have similar taste, and three of us also share the same name!

The Tearoom was lovely - very 'secret' as you have to go through the pub and up a secret stairway to get to the Tearoom, but it was very sweet and felt authentically old fashioned too.

Juli and Gemma D :)

My afternoon tea - yes all of this was for me!
It was sooo lovely.

I had to take my cupcake home as I couldn't possibly finish it all. 
(sadly it got smushed on the bus ride home!)

Me and Gemma P :)

Juli and Me :)
After lunch we found this little park to take some photos....

Gemma P and Gemma D :)
It was such a lovely day too, we were very lucky with the weather.

Gemma D and Me :)

Juli and Gemma P :)

All of us in the park.
I had such a lovely day and we are definitely going to all meet up again, I am so pleased that we organised this as we had so much in common and got on so well.
Thanks Ladies for a great meet up!

P.S: you will probably read a post very similar to this on each of the other blogs I linked to very soon! 
So do go and have a look!



  1. This is so lush!!! And guess what! I have had a bloggy meet up today soon which I will write about shortly.
    So glad you all had a lovely time, everyone looks lush and that tea room looks awesome!!
    Much love
    x x xx

  2. You look as though you have been friends for years! So nice to see you all having a nice time together!

  3. There are loads of bloggy meet-ups going on all over the place by the sound of it. So glad you all had a good time and got on well together. I love the look of that tea room - I'll have to search it out sometime. I love an afternoon tea and am disappointed in you for not finishing the lot there and then! :-)


    1. Oh what fun! I love the look of your afternoon tea!

  4. I had such a great day. Thanks Gemma! xxx

  5. It looks like you had a good day. I've just commented on Gem's blog about how lovely you all look. You've all got such great skin. Lovely photos! xx

  6. All those goodies on the cake stand look amazing! I wish I lived closer to blogger meet ups, you all look lovely.

  7. just read gem p's post. looks like a lovely day. that tea room is on my bucket list - i must get there this year xxx

  8. I just read the post from Gemma D's blog and now saw your post sounds like a really fun day out. It is nice that you all are able to get together and meet one another :)

  9. Ah Gem, what a lovely bunch of fine looking ( young, sob sob ;) women you are. So happy you had a lovely time! The secret tea room looks just adorable x

  10. It was so much fun! We have to do it again soon! I can't wait! Can you believe I am last to blog about it? xx

  11. What a lovely meet up!! You girls look gorgeous!! xx

  12. Such a lovely thing to do!
    You all look so sweet

  13. Sounds like a lovely afternoon & that tea room looks great! x

  14. Looks like you girls had fun... sorry to hear about the squashed cupcake though!!

    Victoria xx

  15. Thanks for sharing about the lovely tea rooms I'll be visiting when we're next in London. sn't it exciting meeting up with fellow bloggers sounds like you all had loads of fun, Lucey, x

  16. Oooh I'm terribly jealous! Looks like you all had a lovely day. Next time I'm in the big smoke can I come and play too, pretty pleeeeease :) x


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