Monday, 16 April 2012

Catching Up

Firstly I must start by saying *sorry* about that little disappearance!
I'm not quite sure what happened there but I got a little put off by the thought of uploading my backlog of photos and trying to make sense of them!
I'll start nice and easy I thought, with a collection of photos of new things I have picked up lately.

i added a little tiny yellow rose bowl to our little collection below...

All of the pyrex is rosey (my fave) but most are different colours and patterns which I really love. I think old pyrex is so pretty and so handy to have. We use our larger ones for oven cooking - casseroles and keeping things warm. The little ones are fab for bowls of yoghurt, ice cream or yummy puddings too!

So pretty....and just £1!

If you are a reader of my blog you will probably know how much I love Hope and Greenwood the sweet shop in Covent Garden. Well, imagine how pleased I was to find out they now have a range of kitchenware at John Lewis. I picked up this lovely jug for Albert's flat as I know he loves the range too. 

I also bought us some new cutlery (exciting stuff!) as our old sets were hand-me-downs and were past their best too. Tesco came up trumps with this pastel handled set for around £8.

More pastel goodness in the form of this Primark blouse for summer. I actually wore it during that lovely warm week we had. I've had to put it back in the wardrobe as the weathers got miserable again, although its sunny today but pretty chilly!

I loved the retro fifties car print of the fabric. It reminded me of the fabric I used on some boys cushions a while back, and really loved.

A trip to the incredibly inspiring Anthropologie led me to bring home these *beauties*

One big cereal bowl and two dipping bowls (remember how I had said here how I wished I'd bought more of these from another shop?!) we've been using these for nutella for our weekend pancakes :)

Lastly, years behind everyone else, I decided to get an iPhone. My contract was up and I was fed up of my rubbish blackberry not being able to do all the things I wanted it to do! I was also desperate to get onto instagram to play too!

So as I'm finding my way around my new phone and all its apps, I'd love it if you'd follow me :)
I will then feel like I belong in this iPhone world! 

  I may already be a little bit in love


  1. I love floral Pyrex too. I inherited a few from my Nan and was completely heart broken when one exploded in the oven, the temperature wasn't even that hot! Fortunately I did manage to find one that was almost the same.

  2. I need to get myself to Tesco for one of those cutlery sets!

    Victoria xxx

  3. Love it all's all fab.....and you have the top I was on my way to buy from Primark!
    It's lovely.....and I want it even more than I did before!


  4. Hi Gem,

    What lovely lovely pastels! Some great finds! Speaking of great finds, I "found" your pinterest and I am totally obsessed. We are so very similar! I am proudly following your beautiful Pinterest boards :)


  5. Hi Gem, love all your new pyrex. I bought a couple of pyrex dishes recently too. I wish I could find more of the pink rose pattern as it's my fave too. That cutlery set is such a bargain! What great colours. I bet it looks brilliant with all your pastel china.

    By the way thank you so much for all the advice regarding my blog header. Resizing the image fixed it. I sometimes embarrass myself with my lack of techy, computer knowledge. I doubt I would have any idea how to use an iphone! Can't wait to see what kind of pretty images you snap on instagram.

  6. Lovely to hear from you again Gem, love your lovely blog x x

  7. Lovely goodies, I'm planning on buying that top! Once you've had an iPhone you'll never go back! :) x

  8. Love the blouse - that print is very CK :)

    Whilst I've not got an Iphone - my android (have an HTC Wildfire) is now very happy that it can join in with Instagram :)

  9. Such a pretty collection of pyrex you have..the rose patterned ones are my favourite as well. I have a few teacups and milk jugs in one of the same patterns you have :)
    You sure bought some lovely things..I love it all..
    Have fun with your new Iphone!
    Magie x

  10. I've missed you!! I always make the 10 mile trip to Primarni after you blog about the lovely things you buy there! I'm going to try very hard not to go this time, I'm expecting bambino no2 so that is the reason I'm telling myself not to go, I give it half an hour before I cave. Love your goodies :-) xx

  11. Oooo some lovely bits and pieces! And yay you have instagram! I will try and follow you! Feels like forever since we met up! We should do it again soon! xx

  12. love all your buys.. the cutlery especially .. we've just had a huge tesco open by us so i think i'll be popping along to pick some of the pastel gorgeousness up!!
    lovely post allways.. you take such lovely pics and have such lovely things!!


  13. Love all those buys! Funny enough I bought the cups & saucers to match your Pyrex dishes - both the yellow and red floral ones at a recent jumble sale for 10p each! They just had to come home with me! There are pics on one of my recent posts xx


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