Thursday, 31 May 2012

Loving All Things British...

Hello lovelies!
Firstly I must start by saying a very big heartfelt thank you to everyone who left such lovely comments on my previous post, I was so pleased to share the news with you all. I feel like I haven't quite got myself sorted until I've put it on my blog! I'm sure you all know what I mean, like there is that niggling feeling that you've not put something on your blog that you wanted to!

Anyway, this week, we have been chatting a little about wedding ideas (not that I wasn't chatting about them before! But all of a sudden they are not just ideas, they are what we actually want!) I have been working so have not had much time in the evenings to have fun on Pinterest, but I will, trust me.

Weddings aside I have been very much enjoying all the Jubilee preparations going on, I love seeing all the bunting, the window displays and of course, all of the jubilee special edition things! I have purchased a couple of bits this week but there are a few more I'd like to find over the weekend.

The Ma'amite - Genius!
I love Marmite so I really wanted to get this and once its all been used I think I'll use it for little flower displays as its quite a nice size for that sort of thing! (Anyone else with me, or am I nuts?!)

The M&S tin, I loved them all but this one was my favourite as its not tooo Queeny if you know what I mean (I know you all know what I mean!)

Been enjoying these strawberry mini bites from M&S too, is it sad that I want to keep the packaging even after they've all gone?

My bunting socks! I've had these a while, but think I'll have to wear them next week, they are very appropriate for the jubilee I think!

Enjoying a very British snack with a very British mug of tea
Oh I do love crumpets with honey on a cheery plate!

Our Union Jack Doormat!
Although we've had it a while (and its a bit worn out!) we still love it.

Wooden hanging hearts...

Very patriotic tin sign in the bathroom! I just love this, I think its so silly but such an interesting piece of British history. I found this in TKMaxx yonks ago - such a find!

Enjoy the wonderfully loooong bank holiday everyone!
Lets hope the sun stays out!


  1. O my goodness how did I miss your engagement news post. Congratulations to you both, such wonderful news.
    Love all the British things. M&S have some great bits and bobs in.

  2. Congratulations Gem! Sorry I haven't said it sooner! I bet you'll have the most gorgeous wedding as you have a great eye for detail. Have you set a date yet?

    M&S always have such great tins don't they? I always look forward to all their Christmas designs too!

  3. Yes,I am loving all things british too, have a lovely jubilee weekend, thanks for sharing,
    Love Helen

  4. have a truly happy jubilee with your fiance n family ;0)x
    isnt it great to be british at the moment, all the communities across the u.k getting ready for the jubilee...and getting together!!...its so important we as 'british' folk dont loose our history and heritage! its the one thing that really bonds us all and that only can be a good thing after all the riots and recessions ;0)xx

  5. I am looking forward to the Jubilee Weekend, it should be a lot of fun :) I hope you have a great time! What fab Jubilee items..I really like the tin and your bunting socks are adorable!!

  6. Those socks are great, love them. I also think the biccy tin is brilliant. I know what you mean about not being to queeny!

  7. Have fun this the socks! :0)

  8. Please don't put pictures of Marmite on your blog, I showed Aj the picture and he almost burst into tears. New Zealanders are without Marmite as the factory needs earthquake repairs. Aj and the rest of the NZer's who love it, are doing it very hard. I'm ok as I like Vegemite, but Aj is heading for Marmiteless depression, no sign of the factory being ready to start making it again any time soon.

  9. I love it all, it's fantastic, I'm looking for a Union Jack box of porridge oats I saw advertised because it'll look nice in my pantry, so completely know where you'recomingfrom with Ma'amite jar! (note to self: must get one of those too)! Xxx


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