Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Weekending In Paris

Hi everyone!
Sorry about the lack of blogging around here lately - very bad of me, but I do have quite a good excuse as I've been really busy lately with a very exciting project which I can't reveal yet (well probably not til September really, but its very exciting indeed!) I've also been away in Paris for a lovely long weekend with Albert, to celebrate our 6 year anniversary.

I snapped hundreds of photos (I brought my digital camera, throwaway cameras and my iphone which has an amazing camera!) and am just getting them all organised so I thought I'd do some little mosaics of our trip...

We were very lucky weather wise as the sun shone every day we were there although it wasn't too hot to walk around at the sights. We managed to cram quite a lot into our weekend. We visited Notre Dame and climbed that to the very top where we took some amazing photos, although I am soooo unfit I had to drag myself up the winding stairs, my legs were like jelly by the end of it! I loved the garden at the back of Notre Dame, it has some gorgeous flowers; beautiful roses and foxgloves all in the shadow of the famous cathederal.

We went to the Louvre to see the famous glass pyramids and the lovely museum building, although the queues were so long we decided to save it for another time as we would have spent the whole day queuing! We took some photos by the pyramids too, and by the fountain!

We did some travelling on the metro, and we also rode the open top tour bus which was great for seeing all the sights in a short space of time...we did a little shopping on the Champs-Elysees although I hardly bought anything (very unlike me! just some little souvenirs...) I loved all the art by the Seine though, and we purchased a few prints to put up at home...

Some more snapshots of our weekend...

Outside Notre Dame after 'the climb!'

The Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and its gardens and stunning lilac roses by Notre Dame...

The beautiful Sacre Coeur in the sunshine...

Gorgeous gardens, Parisian prints, my little camera necklace, stunning buildings...

We decided to go up the Eiffel Tower on Sunday (our anniversary) and luckily the weather was amazing so we knew we'd have a great view from the top. We walked to the 2nd level as the queue for the lifts was ridiculous, (and I proved to myself just how unfit I am! Picture me puffing and panting my way up the stairs!)

This was the view from the top level (scary stuff!)

Then something rather nice happened....

Albert asked me to marry him!
At the very top of the Eiffel Tower!
(No, he didn't get down on one knee, but I was glad as it was busy up there!)
I said yes of course!

I don't think anyone noticed, and it was nice we were just standing in a little corner on our own, I am not one who likes to be the centre of attention (it mortifies me if I'm honest!) so he knew I wouldn't want a lot of people looking or *cringe* clapping!

On our last day we went to a bridge near the Louvre which is covered in put your names on the padlock, attach it to the bridge, and throw the key into the river Seine.

We thought it was a really nice thing to do and it means a little piece of us will stay in Paris, we kept a key for ourselves as a little memory and I'm going to put it in a box frame with a photo of the padlock.

Funnily enough just about everyone back home seemed to know all about this top secret proposal plan except me, although a few of my friends had mentioned it, I kind of brushed it off!

Once we got home I got some lovely flowers from my mum and we enjoyed a little glass of French Champagne in my little vintage sherry glasses!

So theres a bit of news and a lot of photos for you to digest hehe!
Pinterest Wedding Boards here I come!!!



  1. Congratulations! And what a beautiful ring!

  2. Congratulations, I hope you'll both be very happy together, I love your ring, I love the story of the locks and I love the romance of it all!! Lucey x

  3. Congratulations to you both, what a lovely way to ask & I love the padlocks :) Great photo's, thanks for sharing :) x

  4. Congratulations, what a lovely weekend you both had and what a wonderful surprise for you. X

  5. i had a little tear, congratulations ;0)xx what a lovely time in Paris and with extra special things too xx

  6. Best ever post! Many congratulations what a beautiful thing to do ....

    Dancing on a Blade of Grass

  7. Oh, that's so lovely to read. Congratulations - what a lovely way to get engaged. I love all your photos. xx

  8. Many CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!!! Such a lovely, romantic post. Happy wedding pinning!!!!

    Jo x x

  9. ahh congrats to you both! Such a lovely way to propose, you now have the exciting bit of planning a wedding it really is fab :)

  10. Many congratulations Gem! How exciting! Beautiful photos and all to treasure. I bet your wedding board on Pinterest is going to be HEAVING!

    Have a super day!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxx

  11. So sweet!! I bet you are both so excited : )

    Love the photo's. Looking forward to seeing your pinterest boards fill up!

    Gemma xx

  12. What a lovely trip and fantastic news, Gemma!!! Congratulations!!

  13. What a wonderful trip and such a romantic place to pop the question! Congratulations to you both.You're going to have so much fun planning your wedding.X

  14. That's lovely news.Congratulations I wish you all the best for what ever your life together brings you.xx

  15. WOW What a great post.:)
    Congratulations to you both.
    So happy for you both. XXXXXXX

  16. Congratulations - love your ring - really pretty! G

  17. Although i already knew you were engaged from instagram, this post actually made me cry!!

    Congratulations to you both xx

  18. A big Congratulations on your engagement! How sweet and romantic :)
    It sounds and looks like an amazing trip..such beautiful photo's, thanks for sharing ( I felt like I took a mini trip there myself now).
    Magie x

  19. I was so hoping you were going to say something like that as I read through the post LG .... congratulations to you and Albert xx

  20. This post has made my day! Congratulations! Your ring is absolutely gorgeous.
    And love that padlock&key idea, that's a really sweet thing to do :)
    That is definitely a weekend to remember, so romantic!

  21. What a lovely post, congratulations! xx

  22. Such a beautiful post Gem. You managed to get some gorgeous shots, I love the first one of the ring the way it is glistening - so lovely.

    The whole thing about this is just so sweet. Looks like aperfect trip, I'm so pleased for you both :) x x x x

  23. omg!!! looks the most perfect, dreamy, beautiful weekend ever!
    congratulations on your engagement!!! ♥
    such a beautiful photos!

  24. Many congratulations to you both!


  25. Aww our 'Little Gem' engaged so pleased and excited for you hun....many congrats to you both xxxx

  26. Ahh darling girl this is tremendous! Congratulations. You got proposed to in the most romantic of cities. I was reading your post and thought "This all looks perfect, if only he had proposed". AND HE DID!!!! Weeeeee heeeeee!
    He is a right looker, that Albert. Flipping lush - you make a beautiful pair and I wish you all the love in the world Gem.
    I hope you are still on cloud nine, much love.
    Gem xx x x

  27. Mahoosive congratulations honey!! I'm terribly jealous, what a romantic, beautiful holiday and a wonderful lot of memories for you both xx

  28. So many congratulations to you G & A :) Beautiful post, beautiful photographs, and beautiful memories you shall both have to treasure.

    I wish you both all the happiness in the world! xx

  29. I loved that garden by Notre Dame was one of the first places in Paris that I visted. I'm so pleased you had a lovely time. Love those prints. I have the Frou Frou one too!

    Lexie x

  30. Congratulations - what lovely news!

  31. Huge congratulations! What a lovely post with lovely photos. Love the padlock - it is adorable.

    Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

    Claire xx

  32. Huge congratulations to you both! Such a romantic way to propose.
    Love the idea of the padlock key and photo.
    Lisa x

  33. YAY im so happy for you ..congratulations!!!!!!!!..
    what lovely news and what a perfect setting he picked to ask you..
    being married is the best ever i have to admit!!

    oooo can you start planning a vintage,shabby chic wedding yet and can we all be part of it!!
    ps love the ring very nice!!

  34. Woo Hoo!! As soon as I read the post title I thought this was it! I'm so happy for you.

    I got engaged in Paris too though my proposal was not as romantic as yours.

    Will expect lots of blog posts updating us on your wedding plans.

    Madison xxx

  35. Thanks so much Gem for your thoughts, have left a reply to you over on my post as well, but just wanted to head over personally to say thank you x

  36. Congratulations on your engagement!

    Victoria xxx

  37. Congratulations! Yay!
    I have finally started a blog.....and its all your fault! ;D
    I came straight over from Flickr, I had guessed about the gorgeous brooch collection, and it seems I am right. A simply lovely idea :D
    You make such a beautiful couple, I am so VERY very happy for you both.

  38. Congratulations that is so amazing! Funnily enough as soon as I had read that you went to Paris for your 6th anniversary I wondered to myself if you got engaged!! x

  39. Hi lovely Gem,

    I hope you don't mind me asking but I was browsing through your blog the other day and I saw a photo of you holding the a wonderful brown bag. I have been looking for a similar bag and I just wondered if you could tell me where this bag was from so I can see if it's available on ebay. I'm so fussy when it comes to bags so it's rare that I see one that I like as much as the one I saw in your photo.

    This was the blog post:

    I hope it's not rude to ask.

    Lexie x

  40. Congratulations LG, wonderful news x

  41. Fabulous news - congratulations to you both :-) My OH proposed in Paris as well, such a lovely and romantic city, I too had no idea although some work friends had joked about the thought (we met through work). Love the padlock story. Bethxx (the linen cat)

  42. Congratulations! I had completely missed this. What exciting news, and a gorgeous ring x


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