Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I have realised this week just how lucky I have been lately, I have so many positive things to be grateful for and I have been on the receiving end of some very kind gestures, and its about time I blogged about them. Firstly, I am lucky to have met some really wonderful people through blogging. One of which is Mary, who I have known online for some years now (I have been blogging for four years now - still love it too, but must have known Mary for about 5 years) Mary send me the sweetest parcel for my birthday and included some really gorgeous bits and pieces.

This Parisian lavender pillow is so special, it will definitely remind me of my trip and our engagement when I look at it. Mary makes these, so do go and have a look at her Folksy shop if you've not seen them before.

Everything was beautifully wrapped, even this little pressie was wrapped in lovely fabric....and inside was....

A really lovely brooch for my collection (I am collecting them to hopefully add to my wedding bouquet - never too early to start collecting bits and bobs!)

This is my favourite thing, handmade and personalised and smelling gorgeous!
I am so so lucky and so very grateful to have received such amazing gifts, so thank you again Mary xx

It was my birthday (forgot to blog about it, but will do that next!) and the lovely girls from work got me a very pretty necklace and this fab tshirt from patchwork apparel. I love it, its soo me and they knew to go for the floral patch! Its inspired me to add some patchwork to some of my plain and boring tshirts.

Today I was given these gorgeous Cath Kidston books - but more on that another time - very top secret stuff sorry! ;)

My lovely friend Julie from Pretty Little Jewels recently got married (go check out her stunning wedding posts on her blog, they are beautiful!) we met up for some dinner and she presented me with the biggest bag of wedding magazines to enjoy! I am enjoying my evenings flicking through them all getting lots of inspiration! Thank you so much Julie for thinking of me :)

Lastly, just the other day a very kind blog reader offered to send me some vintage Woods Ware china, after seeing that I collect it. I of course was delighted to receive it so thank you so so much Sharon, I absolutely love it, especially the little jug - so sweet!

Lastly, a little pressie for myself, a lovely handmade bracelet by Mummybird Pretties and it goes perfectly with my new birthday seahorse top (must get round to doing that birthday post!)

So thank you to everyone who has shown me kindness lately, this post is for you xxxx


  1. Aww Gem, you are very, very welcome :) What lovely pretties you had from your friends! I especially love the handmade bracelet you treated yourself to, so pretty. Very excited about the top secret suff, am imagining lots of good and happy things planned for you :) Ha ha please feel free to remove the folksy link, have gone into sewing retirement and didn't even know my page was still on there, have been in holiday mode for months and months ;) Big hugs sweetie xx

  2. A post full of loveliness & you deserve it all....


  3. Oh how very lovely x it restores your faith in people to know there are such kind, caring & generous souls out there. Lovely treats, I can see why you're so touched x

    Jo x x x

  4. That was such a happy post!
    Lovely pics and lovely goodies....

    Every now and then we all need to have a treat day.
    Tilly x

  5. What lovely and thoughtful gifts! Happy reading with the Cath Kidston books and the Wedding magazines :)
    Magie x

  6. Aww Gem you lucky thing! What a lovely post too!



  7. What a lucky girl, some lovely goodies there :) x


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