Saturday, 2 June 2012

When Gemma Met Selina Lake

A couple of weeks ago I was reading Selina Lakes blog and hopping around on instagram (as you do) when I saw that Selina would be signing copies of her newest book at a pop up shop event in Muswell Hill. I then discovered that the pop up shop was owned by Nicky Grace, who's son goes out with my friend! (confusing enough?!) Anyway, I decided to go as the photos on the site looked lovely and I really wanted to get my book signed!

The pop up shop was held at a gorgeous house decorated with lovely handmade bunting and retro ladies as you can see! 

There were lots of lovely things in the garden (vintage fabrics, handmade quilts, cards and artwork) and inside had some lovely pottery, lavender hearts and this oh so cute mini bunting! It was all so cheerful and colourful, and the sun was shining so it was a lovely day.

There were sweet homemade cakes and lemonade...

And in a little corner of the kitchen was Selina's book table:
I felt a bit of a wally walking up to Selina admitting that I followed her blog, and instagram and loved her books and magazine styling...but I think she must have noticed my awkwardness and started chatting with me, and we got onto the subject of it all! 

Selina was kind enough to take a photo with me too (notice her lovely handmade banner for Homespun Style, and the stacks of gorgeous books!)

She also very kindly signed my book and we talked about instagram and blogging and she was really lovely! I made a little purchase of some handmade bunting which I just fell in love with! So cute and sooo decorative!

My bunting purchase by Nicky Grace. My mum came along and bought the gorgeous vintage embroidered tablecloth you can see in the background, its beautiful - so much detail and was only £10!

I strung the bunting up above my bed, its so cheerful, and the fabrics used are really lovely, just the kind of things I'd buy, a nice mix of vintage and new and some great pastel colours.

Pretty, no?

My favourite 'flag' :)

Lilacs, turquoise, pinks, and pastel blue, floral and polka dots....

I've added some of my favourite postcards to the bunting, I like pinning things onto my bunting and using it almost as a display.

Thanks again to the lovely Selina for the photo!



  1. What a great experience. The bunting is very pretty - I am loving lilac at the moment. The tablecloth that your mum bought looks beautiful too!

  2. Incredible! What a lovely time you had. Everything in the pictures looks like something I would want to take home!

  3. Lucky you, looks like a great day and such wonderful treasures you bought too. Love following Selina's blog too!

    All things nice...

  4. Oooh how exciting! I think I'd have felt exactly the same! Lovely buys :D

    Jo x x x

  5. Lucky you! What a meet-up! She seems like a very approachable lady - a kindred spirit, even! Love your bunting - what memories it holds!

  6. Love your bunting, what a lovely day you had :) x

  7. Oooh I'm envious! I love Selina's books, especially Homespun Style!

  8. Hey this is really so nice post i am so inspired here.
    Thanks for sharing...

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  9. What a lovely post, am green with envy! Looks like a fab time was had by all ... Enjoy the celebrations, Claire xxx

  10. Gorgeous bunting & lovely day!

  11. What lovely bunting! I love how its all different sizes, shapes and colours. Very unusual and quirky.

    Are you enjoying the Jubilee weekend?

    I'm having a Jubilee giveaway on my blog if you would like to enter, and please share if you know anyone else who would like it :)

    Hannah x

  12. What a fabulous day and a gorgeous place *big sigh*

    Nina x

  13. OMG !!!!Gemma that is unbelievably lovely ! Georgina showed me your blog and I'm SO touched. I remember you now having your pic taken with Selina and I thought at the time what a lovely thing to want to do. I LOVE your photos, they're very bright but not in a brash way. Would you give me permission to put a link to it on my Face Book page and my twitter feed ? I'm so honored that you took the time to do it and you've done it so beautifully. Selina Lake will be here again on Saturday 14th July. Please come again, everyone is welcome. I'll show her too and I'm sure she'll want to put it on her blog too, if you wouldn't mind. My bunting and lots of other things are now for sale at I await your reply re linking to my FB page. Thank you so much, honestly it's gorgeous, love Nicky xxx

  14. Lucky you! Homespun Style is one of my favourite books :)

  15. Hi lovely,

    Just to let you know there is a little something waiting for you in my latest blog post :)


  16. Wow that's so cool! I am so gutted I missed this! xx

  17. Hi Gem, I hope this isn't a bit stalkerish (!) but I see you collect woods Ware. Just been in my local charity shop and there was a lot of bits of green Woods Ware and the guy let me have them for £1. Would you like me to post them to you? If so, my e-mail is - just e-mail me and let me have your address and I'll forward them on to you. Regards Sharon X

  18. I don't know how I missed this post.I don't think my blogger reader posts all the blog posts for some reason??
    The pop up shop looks like so much fun! I just love the bunting you bought..I love the mix of fabrics and bunting shapes. It looks fab in your room :)
    I will have to check out the books as well, they look great...
    Have a great day today...
    Magie x

  19. Sweet blog! I've been following for a while now :)

  20. What fun,and a very small world really-this blogging really makes it smaller!
    I love the bunting, it is so very, very pretty.

  21. Thanks for the suggestions, daughter now has badges on a hat etc. I started to make mini bunting ages ago still not finished it, must try harder :) looks like you had a good day out
    Cate x


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