Monday, 9 July 2012

Wedding Plans and What I've Been Up To!

Last week I started searching for Wedding china and bits and bobs, I came across these little sundae dishes in a little charity shop, I was so smitten with them. I can see these on the table with maybe a little tealight in them, or like a single rose or a little pile of sweeties. They were £1 each so of course they had to come home with me! I am on the hunt for china as I love the idea of everyone having miss-matched china plates and teacups and giving it that vintage look.

This weather has had me so confused about what to wear every day! Will it rain, is it sunny, is it windy/cold/humid....or will it be all of them in one day! I wore this favourite jumper of mine last week and added a cute little camera necklace from Accessorize. The jumper is what I was wearing when we got engaged on the Eiffel Tower. When I stepped outside after we came down a bird pooed on my shoulder (nice!) I have washed it since! I reckon its a lucky little jumper then, and it holds lots of special memories for me!

Speaking of Paris and all things lovey dovey, I bought this box frame from Ikea the other week and at the weekend Albert and I made ourselves a little keepsake artwork for our engagement. We cut out the map of the Eiffel Tower and surrounding areas from one of our guide books, and stamped the place and date onto some card which we stuck inside. I took my mini Eiffel Tower off my key-ring souvenir and we added it inside the frame. I love it!
Its one of a kind, and so personal to us and it was a nice little weekend project to do together.

We took ourselves off for a little dinner time treat to The Diner in Angel and I got my usual - blueberry pancakes mmmm I love these, can't be beaten!
I do really love visiting The Diner, the food is fab and its got a great retro vibe. Well, pancakes for dinner can't be a bad thing can it (it is a naughty treat though!)

On Sunday we went to a Christening together, unfortunately it was raining and miserable and I had chosen my new coral maxi dress and sandals to wear (not the best choice I must admit as I got muddy water splashed up my dress!) but we had a lovely day and the sun did eventually come out. This is my first maxi dress, and I honestly don't know why I hadn't bought one sooner: so comfortable, easy to dress up, and no need to worry about pasty British legs on show! I am converted!

Lastly, a little bit naughty but I had fun trying on this dress in Reiss the other day on my lunch break with my mum, she persuaded me to try it on as its the sort of wedding dress shape I think I'd like, and it gave me a good idea of what I'm looking for. Something like this, but a bit prettier and slightly more structured! Its always fun to play dress up though...what do you think?


  1. You're going to have loads of fun china hunting! If you get the chance then head over to the boot sale at Wimbledon dog track, it's not the prettiest of boot sales but I have found some real china treasures there.

    I am also happy to keep an eye out for china for you, I do a lot of charity shop browsing, so if you have a particular style or theme in mind I will keep it in mind.

    Also, pretty pretty dress at the end there missy!


  2. I love the Paris picture :) The dress shape really suits you x

  3. Think the dress idea sounds great.

    Best use of a souvenir Eiffel Tower I've ever seen!

    My daughter bought some similar sundae dishes in Sainsbury's for her wedding last month - they were pale green - not sure if they still have them Not vintage, but vintage-looking.

  4. PS Worth seaching out a great dressmaker for your dress ... my DD did and was delighted as her dress developed to suit her personality ...

  5. China hunting sounds like so much fun! Have you two set a date yet?It's so exciting :)

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Gemma xXx

  6. Your Paris picture is so sweet!! What a wonderful keepsake of such significant day. :)
    Your camera necklace is awesome!!

  7. I think it all looks like oodles of fun & I love the picture.


  8. Your Paris picture frame looks amazing! I love seeing what people can come up with using such simple things.

    As always, your outfits look gorgeous. Loving the image of you with bird poop running down your shoulder! ;)

    And the white dress looks fabulous on you

  9. Dress up is the best! You look lovely. Wedding shopping is a blast! I just celebrated my first anniversary, but it still feels weird to go in a store now and not be looking for some wedding related item! ha!

  10. Aww you are so lucky to have a boyfriend who makes things with you! Love the dress lace is always beautiful for a wedding, have fun shopping!


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