Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bloggers Pottery Painting Day!

As you may have read on a few other lovely blogs lately, myself, Gemma, Gemma and Julie had a lovely crafty meet up the other week were we did some pottery painting in Barnet.
We met nice and early to allow lots of time for painting, and a little bit of shopping too!
We had met once before (you can read all about that here) were we all got on brilliantly, and were well overdue another meeting to catch up and have a lovely little chat!

I wasn't sure what to pick to paint at first, and spent absolutely ages choosing this teapot in the end, as I wanted something that would be used regularly and not just put away in a cupboard. I had been pottery painting once before where I painted a little bowl, so I wanted to paint something that would go with that, and co-ordinate nicely!

Gemma picked a lovely ruffled edge dish, Julie picked a pretty heart shaped plate, and the other Gem picked a teapot too! We all went for similar pastel colours and spent a long time planning what to paint! I was almost scared to start incase I messed it up, so we all started slowly before we got going with it.

I started with pastel coloured bunting flags around the edge of my teapot, I was inspired by Emma Bridgewater, but wanted a more girlie look with pretty colours too!

Step two was to add some little blue flowers, all around the sides of the teapot, it took a very steady hand to paint these! But I was really pleased with it so far...

We took a little break to have a cup of tea, and then I decided to add some little polka dots all over the teapot, and carefully added the date to the inside too. Then I remembered the lid of the teapot - so did a little flower there too and more polka dots!

It was so lovely to meet up again, and we had lots and lots to talk about, crafting, blogging, weddings, engagements and all sorts! 

Here are the other lovely pieces - just adding the finishing touches!

Gemma's Dish...

Gemma's Teapot...

Julie's Plate...

My Teapot...

Sadly we all had to leave our pottery behind to be fired and collect it the next week...
I was so excited to collect mine, and I am so pleased with the way its has turned out.

Here it is being used for the first time, and next to the little bowl I painted before.

I think they ended up matching quite well, and am thinking the next time I do pottery painting I'll do a little milk jug, so I can have a nice matching set!

The date written inside the teapot...

The detail on the lid, I'm really pleased with the colours too, they have come out lovely, not too pale and not too bright either, just the kind of pastel tones I wanted.

Next to the little bowl...I'm so chuffed with it!
I did something crafty and had a lovely day too, and I'd very much recommend pottery painting if you'd like a personalised one off piece of pottery of your very own :)


  1. Wow you are great with pottery love. Adore your design, bunting on a teapot. MARVELLOUS! Glad you all had fun. A Gem is a precious jewel so I loved the fact there were 3 Gems and a Jewel.
    VERY popular name, that!!!
    All me love,
    Gem (!) x x

  2. I've not done that since #4 was tiny and we spent an evening creating Christmas gifts for family and a couple of tiny footprint mementos {9years ago now, where does time go?}
    Inspired to do something like this for my sisters birthday in August...
    Love all the pieces, very talented ladies

  3. Oooh your teapot is LOVELY! I definitely want to do this! xx

  4. That's beautiful! Such pretty colours and a lovely pattern too.

  5. What a lovely teapot! Is it a good pourer too? The pattern and colours are perfect. My friend did some pottery painting recently as well. She painted a little egg tray for her mum's birthday and it was so cute. It's something I've always fancied doing.

  6. I love your tea pot, I would be way too scared to do it!
    : )

  7. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. It turned out so well, and matches the bowl perfectly. It's amazing how different they look after they have been fired up.
    I still haven't picked mine up yet, I'm missing it loads but can't wait to see how it turns out. I just hope it is as nice as all of yours, they all look fab x x x x

  8. oooh it turned our lovely!! It matches so well : )

    Gemma xXx

  9. Wow, I LoVe that teapot, it's gorgeous!
    Victoria xx


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