Friday, 17 August 2012

Some Thank Yous

I realised the other day that I have been blogging for nearly four years, over this time my favourites have changed many times and the types of blogs I read have changed over time, depending on what is happening and changing in my life. 

I started blogging to document a lot of the crafty things I was making and the lovely swaps I had received, but over time I stopped my crafting pretty much all together, and now only do bits and bobs for myself or family members. Despite this, I still love reading crafty blogs as they inspire me hugely and are always very pretty too!

So despite the fact that my blog and me have changed and developed, my lovely bloggy friends and readers are still just as lovely as ever and are still kind and generous beyond belief.
For example, a few weeks ago I got a lovely surprise email from a reader called Jude (hi Jude if your reading!) who said she wanted to send me something - just out of the blue and out of the kindness of her heart she sent me this beautifully wrapped parcel...

So many pretty details - the tiny tag with little Cath Kidston heart on it, and a lovely matching card too.
Inside was this gorgeous Parisian notebook, and a little parcel wrapped in pink.
The notebook is gorgeous, and has already come in handy as I have decided to use it to write notes and ideas for the wedding, as I think it is very fitting, as well as pretty!

Inside the pink parcel was this adorable little necklace with a suitcase with a tiny Eiffel tower on it, I literaly squealed when I saw this! Its soooo small and so sweet, and incredibly thoughtful of Jude, and I am so so grateful. Thank you once again Jude and please do set up a blog of your own! I would love to read it, and see your china collection!

That very same week the lovely Lexie from 'Pieces of Wonderful' blog offered to send me a little china surprise in the post. Again, absolutely out of the blue, Lexie sent me a gorgeous little box and pretty card, and something else very sweet enclosed in a tiny envelope...

Look at that! A tiny Eiffel Tower on a button! Its soooo sweet, I can only imagine using this for something very special, hopefully incorporated into the wedding in a special way as its so thoughtful.
I've never seen one like this before either, so its lovely of Lexie to have sent it to me :)

The box was beautifully wrapped up with pretty Cath Kidston tape and ribbon...

And inside was this gorgeous china! A beautiful matching cup and saucer and two pretty little tea plates too! I absolutely love them and am so touched by your generosity Lexie, thank you so much they will be very much used in the wedding and loved for years after :)

So thank you, thank you to Jude, and Lexie and thank you to all my lovely blog readers and bloggy internet friends, you guys are the best!


  1. Oh Gem. What a lovely post! You are most welcome, honestly. It was a pleasure and such a nice feeling to know that some china that wasn't being used will now be a part of a special day :)



  2. Hi Gem,I agree Bloggy ladies are the best! Such lovely thoughtful gifts,LOVE that cute button :) and china. I feel truly blessed to be part of such an amazing community. I hope you have a lovely weekend,take care love juliexo

  3. LOVELY POSTING x x x x my first blog i found was while pregnant, i'd given up my full time, stressful job and was feeling a bit lost- I sat surfing the net for crafty inspirations, art journals- that type of thing. And came across two blogs full of wonderful makes...I thought blogging was a great way to document my pregnancy through my art. But my camera was on my phone and back then in 2005 camera phones were pretty basic and very poor picture quality. So I would scan images of art into my laptop- Hardly anyone visited my two blogs and i started giving up...but after my relationship break up and being a single mother starting a new blog really transformed my life and gave me a personal happiness...I started A Mermaids Purse blog with mainly crafty inspirations and illustrations. But like you say your interests change, Although i still enjoy art n craft blogs I find i'm now more drawn to home making and country blogs...

    Lovely gifts xx lovely blog friends are the best xx

  4. Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended.Guest house facility in Guindy

  5. Such lovely lovely gifts! There really are such generous lovely people out there! xx

  6. Such lovely and thoughtful gifts :) The china is absolutely gorgeous, I love the rose teacup and saucer (so pretty!).
    Magie x

  7. aaaahhh i love your blog. It was one of the first i followed and one of few that i continued to follow.

    4 years is a long time. I'll be at 4 year in January.



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