Wednesday, 22 February 2012

New Things & New Places

Thanks for all the kitchen love in my last post :) I'm so glad there are so many bloggers out there who have the same taste as me as I certainly love looking at all your lovely homes, and sharing snippets of mine. I have a couple of new things to show today, first up is The Primrose Bakery Book which I made sure I had a good look through in real life before buying it. Its a gorgeous gorgeous book and it has recipes in it that I will actually make, unlike a lot of the cake books which are beautiful but the cakes are either too basic or waaaay too fancy. This book has a good mix!

I love to read cookery books as if they are a real book. I like to sit down in the evening and read page by page with all the little hints, tips and stories behind the recipes. I love pouring over every detail in every photo. One thing I have definitely decided is I really would like to go to the Primrose Bakery seeing as its not far from me it seems silly not to!

I also wanted to share my mums little collection of green uranium glass or 'depression' glass I think its called. The little jug and trinket dish were both found at Fleetville Vintage Emporium. The taller jug at the back was a gift from a lovely friend. I just love the shapes of the glass and - well, I love jugs as you well know!

At this time of year I love to have a change about, move things around and I made a new little pastel display in the kitchen - feeling much more spring like now!

The new pyrex bowls join some IKEA milkshake/latte cups on the "shelf of blue pastel goodness" :)

I LOVE these cups, we use them all the time,  but they are too nice to be hidden away in the cupboard, so out they came, and the blue bowls neeeeeded to join them.

More shuffling...make way for vintage glasses!

Ooh yes, now my Sunday consisted of visiting a new place that had opened up in Angel, called Bill's Cafe. Albert and I went for hot chocolate and cake mid afternoon. It was fab! Best hot chocolate I have had in a while - look it came with a flake!

Inside Bill's is just brilliant. Its full of their own label products; jams, chutneys, biscuits, flavoured lemonades. Just an amazing selection. If you order a tea you get it in a fab enamel teapot (which are available to buy) and they also have their own cookbook which you can buy there too!

The shelves....oh my! The shelves :)

Just brilliant, great service and delicious food too! I love trying out new places to eat, and I think Bill's will be somewhere we'll keep visiting for a while!

Even their outside area is pretty...I want to steal the flowers in teapot idea, I think it looks so pretty and is a good way of showing off some nice china too!

New Things & New Places

Friday, 17 February 2012

Kitchen Stuff

The other morning while I was making my breakfast at Albert's (thats his name, by the way, I figured I should start using it! Its only been 6 years!) I felt the urge to snap some colourful photos of "Kitchen Stuff" to brighten up the blog as it has been a little lacking in pretty pastel colours of late.
Starting with my breakfast : Maple and Pecan Crunch cereal in a pink latte bowl (from Butlers) with a mug of tea in a cupcake mug (from Tesco) mmmmm!

Canisters for Tea, Coffee and Sugar - these are so cute and colourful! (We bought them in Camden, but they are also from dotcomgiftshop)

Tin signs and jelly moulds in colourful blues and yellows. The jelly moulds are so sweet - I can't wait to use them in the summer - perfect for a picnic!

Our tin mugs - for beachy days and spur of the moment walks in the cold.

I still love this piece of art, even though it was free with a magazine. Its just simple and helps me to see the positives in the every day. I like having something to keep me in a good mood, especially lately I have been a bit down and feeling blue. So this is a good pick me up poster.

Coffee mugs - from TKMaxx years ago. The tin sign was one of the first things we bought for the kitchen, and I still love it, and the colours too.

Floral flask and ice cream sundae bowls. The mini latte bowl is for dipping sauces - you know, ketchup, mayo, sweet chilli. It was also from Butlers. I wish we'd bought more as they've stopped selling them! The ice cream bowls were a bargain buy from Lakeland about 3 years ago.

Lastly my beloved Typhoo jug, the first thing I bought for the kitchen, again from Lakeland. I fell in love after seeing it in Tree Falls kitchen and had to buy it when I saw it.
I still love it, and it houses my very exciting spatula collection!
Exciting huh!?

Hope you enjoyed the little colourful snippets of the kitchen. 
Although its a tiny kitchen we have  I have crammed a lot in it!
If you want to see more just let me know ;)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's day, mine was lovely as I had the day off so went for a spot of vintage shopping with my mum before going to see the BF after he finished work. I brought him a little Valentine's cupcake from work, which was sooo pretty with its sparkly heart decoration. This is the card that I bought for him. I don't like gushy teddy bears and things on cards so I went for something quite simple, but I think it says alot :)

I also liked that it had a sort of retro feel to it, I thought it was perfect, and would even look good framed afterwards. Anyway, the BF had told me that we had to be somewhere at 7pm, so I thought it might be something special, so I got all dressed up in the beautiful maroon coloured dress that he bought me for Christmas. If I'm honest I had been saving it for Valentine's day as its too nice to wear for everyday.

I also did some curls in my hair as it made me feel more "dressy". The cutout detailing on the dress is just so pretty and its a very flattering fit - just snug enough so that I am not tempted to overdo it on the Valentine's chocs!

We shared the cupcake - it was delicious :)

Ok...I say shared - but I ate most of it! 

Then the nicest thing happened...
We swapped cards.......

We'd only gone and bought each other the exact same card! He actually said he had a feeling we might buy the same one, and funnily enough so did I. He also had thought it would look good framed too. 
I think it means we are a perfect match!

But inside my card were these tickets. I was soooo surprised and excited too, so we headed off down to the West End to have dinner and see Mamma Mia!

Here I am ready to go!
We had a lovely (yet slightly rushed!) dinner at The Strada, then went to see the show!
It was fab, highly recommended, and so much fun!
Hope you all had a wonderful day too!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

For The Love Of Collars

I have a slight obsession these days...its not china, fabric, or jewellery.
Its collars. Preferably of the peter pan style.

They have been slowly creeping more and more into my wardrobe. I like wearing them on their own, but also, they look nice peeking out from underneath a jumper. I have recently added two very pretty ones to my collection. The one above is really lovely, its sheer with a feather print and a silky grey collar. It is my new favourite.

I also really really love this one, I wear it all the time! The collar, and the sleeve cuffs have a really sweet scallop edge, which looks really nice with a jumper over the top.

So I was pleased to spot the same blouse in a chocolate brown colour reduced to half price the other day so I snapped it up. I like to think they look a bit retro and vintage-y too, which is always good!

This is the dress which the BF bought me for Christmas. He picked it all by himself, and it was a lovely lovely surprise. It also happens to have a cute collar too - which I am chuffed about! He really knows my style and my taste and picked the perfect dress. I am saving this one for Valentine's day though, as its a special dress for special occasions.

Last bit of collar love is this black star print blouse which is what I wore on Christmas day, I think the ruffles are really pretty, and you can dress it up or down too.

Oh, I also dyed the bottom of my hair this week, and curled it for the first time in absolutely ages.

Opinions please?

Monday, 6 February 2012

Portobello Road

Last week I took a little afternoon trip to Portobello Road - its famous for its market which is always full of interesting and eclectic things. This time, I brought my camera along to snap some photos. 

I was immediately drawn to this collection of vintage enamelware and tins, I looove old packaging, and I especially love tins! These were all a little bit expensive for my liking though, so I was just browsing.

This shop was full of lots of interesting old bits and bobs, and was a real treasure trove!
We stopped off for coffee and some lunch in a lovely cafe/bakery which served us this bee-yoo-tiful coffee. Isn't it so pretty? I can make a heart shape in the coffees I do at work, but this is a work of art!

I went for a vegetable quiche which was sooo yummy. I must try to make this type of quiche at home, it was amazing!

We strolled along, admiring the pastel coloured buildings and popped into Cath Kidston for a browse, although I didn't buy anything. I've actually not bought anything from there for ages, but always love to look, and admire the gorgeous shop styling.

I was pleased to see these gorgeous pastel coloured tulips, which matched all the houses. I think it means that Spring is on the way!!

Anybody else excited about Spring?!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Our Sunday Tradition

The BF and I have recently started a new tradition for our lazy Sunday mornings...

We make:


We've been using a fantastic recipe from The Quince Tree, which produces the most delicious, light, fluffy and perfect pancakes every time. The link to the recipe can be found here.
You must try it. You wont regret it!

We keep them wrapped up in a tea towel whilst we finish making the rest of the batch. This means they stay nice and warm too...

Our first attempt was served with sliced banana and a generous drizzle of golden syrup...
It was completely delicious :)

The next Sunday we made ourselves a steaming cup of tea in our new enamel mugs - I'm in love with these mugs! Perfect for picnics, and beaches and camping, I can't wait to use them outside the house!

I do love a cup of tea in the morning, for me nothing else beats it. The first drink I have must always always always be tea...

That Sunday we tried blueberries with our pancakes. I made a blueberry compote with fresh blueberries, and also added blueberries into the pancake mix. I was going for the style of pancake topping that I had at The Diner which was just delicious!

The result?
Oh my goodness I had died and gone to pancake heaven. If you love blueberries then I cannot explain how gooood this was. I'm drooling over the laptop just thinking about it!

This week we are going for chocolate chip pancakes, which I am sure, will be a huge hit too!

I love making new traditions with the BF, and I hope we continue to come up with some exciting pancake ideas that I can share on the blog!
I'd love to know what weekly family traditions do you have?