Thursday, 31 May 2012

Loving All Things British...

Hello lovelies!
Firstly I must start by saying a very big heartfelt thank you to everyone who left such lovely comments on my previous post, I was so pleased to share the news with you all. I feel like I haven't quite got myself sorted until I've put it on my blog! I'm sure you all know what I mean, like there is that niggling feeling that you've not put something on your blog that you wanted to!

Anyway, this week, we have been chatting a little about wedding ideas (not that I wasn't chatting about them before! But all of a sudden they are not just ideas, they are what we actually want!) I have been working so have not had much time in the evenings to have fun on Pinterest, but I will, trust me.

Weddings aside I have been very much enjoying all the Jubilee preparations going on, I love seeing all the bunting, the window displays and of course, all of the jubilee special edition things! I have purchased a couple of bits this week but there are a few more I'd like to find over the weekend.

The Ma'amite - Genius!
I love Marmite so I really wanted to get this and once its all been used I think I'll use it for little flower displays as its quite a nice size for that sort of thing! (Anyone else with me, or am I nuts?!)

The M&S tin, I loved them all but this one was my favourite as its not tooo Queeny if you know what I mean (I know you all know what I mean!)

Been enjoying these strawberry mini bites from M&S too, is it sad that I want to keep the packaging even after they've all gone?

My bunting socks! I've had these a while, but think I'll have to wear them next week, they are very appropriate for the jubilee I think!

Enjoying a very British snack with a very British mug of tea
Oh I do love crumpets with honey on a cheery plate!

Our Union Jack Doormat!
Although we've had it a while (and its a bit worn out!) we still love it.

Wooden hanging hearts...

Very patriotic tin sign in the bathroom! I just love this, I think its so silly but such an interesting piece of British history. I found this in TKMaxx yonks ago - such a find!

Enjoy the wonderfully loooong bank holiday everyone!
Lets hope the sun stays out!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Weekending In Paris

Hi everyone!
Sorry about the lack of blogging around here lately - very bad of me, but I do have quite a good excuse as I've been really busy lately with a very exciting project which I can't reveal yet (well probably not til September really, but its very exciting indeed!) I've also been away in Paris for a lovely long weekend with Albert, to celebrate our 6 year anniversary.

I snapped hundreds of photos (I brought my digital camera, throwaway cameras and my iphone which has an amazing camera!) and am just getting them all organised so I thought I'd do some little mosaics of our trip...

We were very lucky weather wise as the sun shone every day we were there although it wasn't too hot to walk around at the sights. We managed to cram quite a lot into our weekend. We visited Notre Dame and climbed that to the very top where we took some amazing photos, although I am soooo unfit I had to drag myself up the winding stairs, my legs were like jelly by the end of it! I loved the garden at the back of Notre Dame, it has some gorgeous flowers; beautiful roses and foxgloves all in the shadow of the famous cathederal.

We went to the Louvre to see the famous glass pyramids and the lovely museum building, although the queues were so long we decided to save it for another time as we would have spent the whole day queuing! We took some photos by the pyramids too, and by the fountain!

We did some travelling on the metro, and we also rode the open top tour bus which was great for seeing all the sights in a short space of time...we did a little shopping on the Champs-Elysees although I hardly bought anything (very unlike me! just some little souvenirs...) I loved all the art by the Seine though, and we purchased a few prints to put up at home...

Some more snapshots of our weekend...

Outside Notre Dame after 'the climb!'

The Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and its gardens and stunning lilac roses by Notre Dame...

The beautiful Sacre Coeur in the sunshine...

Gorgeous gardens, Parisian prints, my little camera necklace, stunning buildings...

We decided to go up the Eiffel Tower on Sunday (our anniversary) and luckily the weather was amazing so we knew we'd have a great view from the top. We walked to the 2nd level as the queue for the lifts was ridiculous, (and I proved to myself just how unfit I am! Picture me puffing and panting my way up the stairs!)

This was the view from the top level (scary stuff!)

Then something rather nice happened....

Albert asked me to marry him!
At the very top of the Eiffel Tower!
(No, he didn't get down on one knee, but I was glad as it was busy up there!)
I said yes of course!

I don't think anyone noticed, and it was nice we were just standing in a little corner on our own, I am not one who likes to be the centre of attention (it mortifies me if I'm honest!) so he knew I wouldn't want a lot of people looking or *cringe* clapping!

On our last day we went to a bridge near the Louvre which is covered in put your names on the padlock, attach it to the bridge, and throw the key into the river Seine.

We thought it was a really nice thing to do and it means a little piece of us will stay in Paris, we kept a key for ourselves as a little memory and I'm going to put it in a box frame with a photo of the padlock.

Funnily enough just about everyone back home seemed to know all about this top secret proposal plan except me, although a few of my friends had mentioned it, I kind of brushed it off!

Once we got home I got some lovely flowers from my mum and we enjoyed a little glass of French Champagne in my little vintage sherry glasses!

So theres a bit of news and a lot of photos for you to digest hehe!
Pinterest Wedding Boards here I come!!!


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Normal Posting Will Resume Shortly

Sorry for the recent lack of blogging!

Normal posting will resume once I get back from Paris!