Friday, 29 June 2012

I Had A Birthday!

I had a birthday!

My 25 year old face!
My 25th birthday was one of those days where it doesn't really feel like your birthday because you've taken the day off from work and then realised that of course its a Tuesday and everyone else is at work, so you sit indoors on your own not opening any presents and just waiting til everyone gets home!

I spent the day admiring my beautiful cake made by my lovely lovely friend. Mint choc chip :: chocolate sponge decorated with mint green buttercream, choc chips and chocolate buttercream piping, yes, she's brilliant!

I waited patiently til everyone got home to open anything, and I'm glad I did because I received some lovely pressies, all very me! Hope and Greenwood chocolates and birthday box from my dad, almost too pretty to eat (almost!)
The Eiffel Tower card was from Albert, you can't see, but under the tree are two little figures holding hands, it was such a perfect card, brought a tear to my eye! Very special, one to keep and frame.

My parents had gone to a vintage car show the weekend before my birthday and found this old cast iron street sign, I'm not sure if its a real old one or a newer sign, but it weighs a tonne! Again, a very special and thoughtful present, I got all teary!

Loved these goodies from Hope and Greenwood (my favourite shop to visit for a sweet treat!)

Albert bought me this Vintage Love perfume which I am in LOVE with, it smells very similar to Sarah Jessica Parkers Lovely, but its got a nicer bottle and is so much cheaper. I love it, its from M&S if you were wondering. Just look at the packaging....pretty!

There was a bit of a theme with my clothes gifts...
They were all patterned, I have a real thing for animal patterns at the moment, and loved these!
The two on the left are skirts, and the two on the right are tops, again from M&S.
I am rather in love with them, especially the seahorse one, my favourite!

Albert bought me this notebook, we thought it would be perfect for sticking in our photos and adding notes and tickets from our trip, so we spent the weekend playing around with it, and I am really pleased with it, hopefully it will be something nice to look back on.

Stuck some of my instagram prints in too, just need to add some writing now and fill it with memories

So, another birthday over and another year older!

Make A Wish

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Why I've Been Slack On The Blogging Front...

Thanks to my iPhone I have been slightly addicted to the app that is Instagram, this has sadly resulted in the lack of blogging you see here.
To make up for it, I thought I'd do a mosaic of some of my favourite instagram pictures; 

I love the outfit posts people do so have been enjoying using it to document my daily outfits.
 The little details that get lost in the every day; a cheeky Pimms at work after closing, picking up my old patchwork quilt and working some hexagons, a pretty plait done by a friend....

If you're on Instagram let me know, you can find me @littlegem12

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I have realised this week just how lucky I have been lately, I have so many positive things to be grateful for and I have been on the receiving end of some very kind gestures, and its about time I blogged about them. Firstly, I am lucky to have met some really wonderful people through blogging. One of which is Mary, who I have known online for some years now (I have been blogging for four years now - still love it too, but must have known Mary for about 5 years) Mary send me the sweetest parcel for my birthday and included some really gorgeous bits and pieces.

This Parisian lavender pillow is so special, it will definitely remind me of my trip and our engagement when I look at it. Mary makes these, so do go and have a look at her Folksy shop if you've not seen them before.

Everything was beautifully wrapped, even this little pressie was wrapped in lovely fabric....and inside was....

A really lovely brooch for my collection (I am collecting them to hopefully add to my wedding bouquet - never too early to start collecting bits and bobs!)

This is my favourite thing, handmade and personalised and smelling gorgeous!
I am so so lucky and so very grateful to have received such amazing gifts, so thank you again Mary xx

It was my birthday (forgot to blog about it, but will do that next!) and the lovely girls from work got me a very pretty necklace and this fab tshirt from patchwork apparel. I love it, its soo me and they knew to go for the floral patch! Its inspired me to add some patchwork to some of my plain and boring tshirts.

Today I was given these gorgeous Cath Kidston books - but more on that another time - very top secret stuff sorry! ;)

My lovely friend Julie from Pretty Little Jewels recently got married (go check out her stunning wedding posts on her blog, they are beautiful!) we met up for some dinner and she presented me with the biggest bag of wedding magazines to enjoy! I am enjoying my evenings flicking through them all getting lots of inspiration! Thank you so much Julie for thinking of me :)

Lastly, just the other day a very kind blog reader offered to send me some vintage Woods Ware china, after seeing that I collect it. I of course was delighted to receive it so thank you so so much Sharon, I absolutely love it, especially the little jug - so sweet!

Lastly, a little pressie for myself, a lovely handmade bracelet by Mummybird Pretties and it goes perfectly with my new birthday seahorse top (must get round to doing that birthday post!)

So thank you to everyone who has shown me kindness lately, this post is for you xxxx

Saturday, 2 June 2012

When Gemma Met Selina Lake

A couple of weeks ago I was reading Selina Lakes blog and hopping around on instagram (as you do) when I saw that Selina would be signing copies of her newest book at a pop up shop event in Muswell Hill. I then discovered that the pop up shop was owned by Nicky Grace, who's son goes out with my friend! (confusing enough?!) Anyway, I decided to go as the photos on the site looked lovely and I really wanted to get my book signed!

The pop up shop was held at a gorgeous house decorated with lovely handmade bunting and retro ladies as you can see! 

There were lots of lovely things in the garden (vintage fabrics, handmade quilts, cards and artwork) and inside had some lovely pottery, lavender hearts and this oh so cute mini bunting! It was all so cheerful and colourful, and the sun was shining so it was a lovely day.

There were sweet homemade cakes and lemonade...

And in a little corner of the kitchen was Selina's book table:
I felt a bit of a wally walking up to Selina admitting that I followed her blog, and instagram and loved her books and magazine styling...but I think she must have noticed my awkwardness and started chatting with me, and we got onto the subject of it all! 

Selina was kind enough to take a photo with me too (notice her lovely handmade banner for Homespun Style, and the stacks of gorgeous books!)

She also very kindly signed my book and we talked about instagram and blogging and she was really lovely! I made a little purchase of some handmade bunting which I just fell in love with! So cute and sooo decorative!

My bunting purchase by Nicky Grace. My mum came along and bought the gorgeous vintage embroidered tablecloth you can see in the background, its beautiful - so much detail and was only £10!

I strung the bunting up above my bed, its so cheerful, and the fabrics used are really lovely, just the kind of things I'd buy, a nice mix of vintage and new and some great pastel colours.

Pretty, no?

My favourite 'flag' :)

Lilacs, turquoise, pinks, and pastel blue, floral and polka dots....

I've added some of my favourite postcards to the bunting, I like pinning things onto my bunting and using it almost as a display.

Thanks again to the lovely Selina for the photo!