Friday, 4 January 2013

Welcoming in 2013

Hello hello and Happy New Year to you all, hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and enjoyed that little time in between Christmas and welcoming in 2013 - how lovely to have a few extra days to relax and continue to enjoy far too much food!

I had a very nice Christmas, quite relaxed with family and was very pleased with my very generous presents too. Albert in particular was incredibly thoughtful with his presents, and gave me the most lovely Roberts radio, a pale blue DAB one which is oh so perfect. I have loved these radios for absolutely years and have always longed for one, so I was so so pleased with it.

A Diana mini camera was another wonderful present which I cant wait to get started with, I love Instagram, and these produce real old style photos on film. I'm very excited to see how they turn out once developed - I've not used a real camera for years, so this will take some getting used to I think, no checking and deleting on this beauty!

Albert's family all know of my love of Cath Kidston so their gifts were very gratefully recieved, a lovely washbag, tote bag and card holder, which I shall be using as my pretty bus pass holder!

My lovely dad picked out this spotty blue tea dress for me, he really picked a lovely dress - comfy and stretchy, but gives a lovely shape and is very flattering too! Perfect! The fab stag print scarf was from my mum and has been worn at almost every opportunity since I opened it!

Some beautiful CK mugs from my wonderful Auntie - provence rose is one of my favourite prints so I absolutely love these - not sure how keen Albert is on using my flowery mugs but I'll quite happily keep them all for myself! 

So with Christmas over Albert and I enjoyed a lovely meal out - nowhere fancy, just nice and local - on New Years Eve. In some ways I am quite sad to say goodbye to 2012, it has been such an amazing year, obviously with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, but also for me. I feel like 2012 really changed me as a person. I got engaged in May, started a new job, and moved in with Albert. Things have taken some getting used to, but its been a very special year for me. I just hope 2013 is a good year too - heres hoping! 

So for NYE I did a little bit of experimenting with my hair - my first attempt at something a little bit vintage - not sure how you actually do victory rolls and pin curls, so I just kind of made it up. Hopefully it looked a little bit vintage!

Because I wore it like this again on New Year's Day for a family roast - I think it looks slightly better up than down, although I shall have to keep practicing with it!

I've made a few little sale purchases since Christmas, first two being these lovely scarves from M&S. I saw the teacup one before Christmas and really loved it, so I was really chuffed to find it in the sale, and the woolen patterned scarf was just too lovely to leave behind - last one on the rail and no price tag on it I was told it would be £5 which I was very pleased about indeed!

Its a sort of FairIsle pattern, and I just love the little roses on it too!

Stacking teacups!! 

I found some fab TKMaxx bargains last week - Rose soap and handwash for a fraction of the price which is my favourite scent, not to mention the very pretty packaging too!

I've put them on display in the bathroom for now, but I will have to crack them open soon - far too nice not to use don't you think? Or are some things too pretty to use straight away?!

I've spent some time during the break tidying the flat up, finding new places for new things. Having a proper clear out and looking forward to the new year and saying goodbye to Christmas - time to take those decorations down this week...

Love a nice shuffle around in the kitchen - enamel jugs and teapots up on the top shelf, along with a bit of vintage Tala packaging - oh I do love me some vintage packaging!

Slowly slowly this little flat is beginning to feel like home, and I do love that feeling. Creating a cosy, homely place to enjoy together and of course having some pretty bits and bobs on display too helps!

Just time to enjoy the last little bit of Christmas magic with the last of the 'Jolly Good Biscuits' and light my little Christmas candle while I watch The Young Victoria on BBC2.

Happy New Year lovelies :)


  1. You will love using your diana mini. I love mine :)
    You hair looks gorgeous. Wish I was good with hair styling - I'm pants!
    Love the teacup scarf. xx

  2. Love all your gifts! The teacup scarf is amazing. You'll have loads of fun with the diani, she's very easy to use. I love mine, actually need to put some new film in it. I did some double exposures on my last film which turned out fun.

    Just wondering where you got the green cake stand in your first photo? I keep seeing them in gorgeous cake photography, like the Primrose Bakery Book, but have no idea where to find them!

  3. wow.. I love everything!!!!
    Happy new year!!!

  4. Your hair and makeup looks gorgeous! I hope the Diana camera is good, I've just bought a similar one for my brother in law's birthday. Lovely gifts all round.
    Happy new year 2013!

    New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

  5. Happy 2013! Lots of lovely gifts there! I've had some lovely CK mugs too, Mr Bea brought them, to replace the ones he keeps breaking! :) x

  6. Hello Gem,I notice a couple of new followers and one of them was you. I'm so pleased I popped into your beautiful blog. Your hair style is beautiful and I love the idea of the Diana camera, I've seen them around on different blogs and they look great. Happy 2013, your 2012 does sound amazing, wishing you lots of light and love this brand new year xox Penelope

  7. Gorgeous gifts and sale finds, especially the Fairisle scalf and I love your vintage hairstyle.

  8. You didever so well! Love your radio, I have a red one, and the scarf is nice too just right for wrapping up in this chilly weather, happy new year, Lucey x

  9. I got a roberts radio too, but the red one! I really need to get some batteries for it so I can carry it around the house with me.

  10. Happy New Year Gem - Sounds like a fantastic Christmas and what amazing gifts you received! You really have made the place a home - it looks stunning! Here's hoping 2013 is even better than 2012! xx

  11. oooh just found your pretty blog whilst wandering around.......lovely things(snap i have quite a few the same!)...and beautiful home...very happy to be following! happy new year x


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